Since now,Already said so。

Rather than that,Better than now,Think of a solution,Solve these current issues properly。
After all, now,Keep struggling,Actually, it’s far from enough。
Looking at it all,Even more so that Wei Yun said proudly。
“Since this kid is willing to try,Then just fulfill him directly。”
“Anyway,Final control,Completely in our hands!”
When Wei Yunquan’s words are finished,The others nodded repeatedly。
These things,After all, it’s pretty much what they expected before。
If next,If you continue to start from this aspect,Actually speaking accurately,The effect is pretty good。
See these,at this time,Wei Yunquan raised his head subconsciously and looked in front of him。
The more so,In Wei Yunquan, it looks,This moment,Wei Yunquan feels more proud as he thinks about it。
But think carefully,You can find,What the hell is this。
And Wei Yunquan,Actually, I don’t feel much。
“All right,These things,Almost processed。”
“As for what to do next,Everyone can figure it out!”
When Wei Yunquan saw this,At this moment,Wei Yunquan waved his hand,Don’t forget to say here。
Those people around saw it,Nodding。

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