When he pressed Wang Lin under him,The woman’s anger has disappeared,The whole person is soft like noodles。

Eight o’clock in the evening,Xia Jian took a taxi and came to the gate of Bai Ruyu’s house,Then called her,Bai Ruyu was not the one who came out to pick him up,But Bai Ruyu’s mother。
Xia Jian asked in surprise:“Aunt!Is Ruyu not so good??“
“Her body is indeed a little weak this time,I feel a little pant even up a staircase“Bai Ruyu’s mother said sadly。Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But silently following Bai Ruyu’s mother,Two people went upstairs together。
Sofa in the living room,Bai Zhenshan is reading the newspaper,When he saw Xia Jian,Stood up,Ha ha smiled:“I went to your Pingdu city not long ago,I wanted to sit with you,Too busy,I’ll be back“
Xia Jian is playing haha,Hurriedly greeted,Shook hands with Bai Zhenshan,Then sat on the sofa。
Bai Ruyu in the bedroom heard the voice,Walked out,She wore a white pajamas,I put on a coat outside。A little shaggy long hair,Casually draped over your shoulders,Originally white face,It doesn’t look like a trace of blood now。
“When did you come back?”Bai Ruyu asked with a smile。
Xia Jian hurriedly stood up,After letting Bai Ruyu sit down,Just said:“Just arrived this afternoon,I called you without expecting your call”
“I’m really sorry,Should let you rest,I didn’t expect to let you run to me”Bai Ruyu said very politely,Her voice is a bit small,I can see that she is indeed weak,I don’t even have the strength to speak。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Don’t be polite,What’s going on recently,Can you tell you something?”Xia Jian said,Already stretched Bai Ruyu’s wrist,Got her pulse。
“May be caused by a cold”Bai Ruyu said,Leaned against the sofa。
Bai Zhenshan shook his head and said:“This kid is too capricious,She won’t listen to what we say,I don’t know,Why does she hate going to the hospital so much”
Bai Ruyu’s mom heard,Hurriedly signaled Bai Zhenshan not to speak anymore,I wonder if she is afraid of Bai Zhenshan’s words that provoke Bai Ruyu,I’m still afraid to disturb Xia Jian’s pulse。
Bai Ruyu’s pulse is stable,There is no big problem,But why is she so weak?Xia Jian couldn’t help frowning,He asked softly:“How have you eaten recently?”

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