“Ha ha!Dad is still thoughtful,I think it works。If you change,This may not be done,But Big Brother is different,I’m an entrepreneur now,Xia Jianneng does this, why can’t my brother,This is a precedent,So Big Brother must be prepared for this“Wang Youdao said with a smile。

Only then did Wang Degui’s face look happy,He smiled and said:“This matter must be kept strictly confidential,We are operating in secret,When the time comes,Caught them off guard“
“Hahahaha!Older gingers are more spicy,Let’s do that“Wang Youfa said,Clenched his fist tightly。
Ouyang Hong is viewing files this day,Secretary Wang, who was promoted to the secretary of Pingyang Town, walked into her office cheerfully。This old king is not in vain in Pingyang Town,From a deputy secretary to a general secretary。Job promotion,But his style of doing things is still the same,Everyone discusses in private that he is still an inaction cadre。
“Oh!Secretary Wang, are you looking for me??“Ouyang Hong put down the data in her hand,Politely slammed,After all, they are now the regular secretary,Besides, it’s best not to offend him。
Secretary Wang sat down on the chair opposite Ouyang Hong’s desk,He laughed and said:“I have some time to form a team with Mayor Ouyang,You are a very capable lesbian in my mind!“
“Secretary Wang praised,You should be on business!“Ouyang Hong knows that this person has nothing to do with the Three Treasures Palace,Or ask the teacher,Or talk to her,This compliment,Secretary Wang really doesn’t do much。
Seeing Ouyang Hong so straightforward,Secretary Wang is also welcome,He smiled and said:“Xiping Village is our model village in Pingyang Town and even Pingdu,But Xia Jian did such a disgraceful thing,This village chief should run for another election!“
“Ah!What else to run for?The whole Xiping Village,I think this village chief can only be done by Zhao Hong except Xia Jian,No one else can“Ouyang Hong’s tone is very tough,He knew that Secretary Wang would be fine with her。
Secretary Wang said with a smile:“I’m afraid this is not in line with the principle of personnel appointment,Still campaign!“
First0547chapter Supermarket undercurrent
“Campaign or Zhao Hong?I believe the people of Xicunping have a sharp vision,Never choose a straw bag,For example, people with a history like Wang Youcai“Ouyang Hong said,Beat the side drum。
Secretary Wang still smiled slightly,He glanced at Ouyang Hong and said:“The result of the election is the same as you said,But this program must,As for people like Wang Youcai to be the village head,Don’t say you disagree,I also firmly disagree。Someone seems to say he went to the south“
Secretary Wang’s words sound plain and plain,But Ouyang Hong always feels something is wrong,But she couldn’t figure out clearly,How did he know that Wang Youcai went to the south?It stands to reason that this is not something。
After Secretary Wang is gone,Ouyang Hong doesn’t have any mind to do work,She has been thinking about the campaign work that was formed in Xiping Village。Today in Xiping Village,She Ouyang Hong worked hard,Rebuilding from the disaster,Until the establishment of rural cooperatives。Which ones sleep in the village committee day and night,She couldn’t help thinking about Xia Jian again,Where is this person who makes her heartache??
Wuying Town blew up all at once,The grand opening of Jia Lina People’s Supermarket,Made a sensation in the whole town。The Lina shop that was not small was opened to the small restaurant。A whole row connected,Plus the exquisite decoration,Let the people passing by can’t help but shine。
Supermarkets are not uncommon in the county,But in Wuying Town,This is a great thing。When it opened on this day,There were tens of thousands of firecrackers,Xia Jian also prepared thousands of fireworks。Deafening cannons,Attracted the villagers who went to the market。

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