“Let me catch up with you!”

A child of the Li family shouted angrily。
Chen Xiu turned his head and grinned:“I will go back now,See how you shed eight pieces!”
He turned around and flew back,Like a wolf into the sheep pen。
The more ice and true energy condensed in the palm of Master Qingyun,The air around the palm suddenly became cold,The frost that can be seen by the naked eye is floating down,Expansion rapidly in all directions。
Li Haihu gasped,Patriarch Qingyun has already reached the stage of superb control of his ice attribute law,I don’t know how much better than Li Tianran, his dead ghost father。
Patriarch Qingyun suddenly recovered his true energy,Very dissatisfied:“Although the meridians of the palm are restored,The meridians of the arm and arm are still damaged,I can’t play 60% of my power。
But it should be enough to deal with that kid!”
“This is not enough power!”
Li Haihu’s face was surprised,Thought in mind:“I also learned his method,My dad is back,He is not my opponent。
I’m settled on the position of the owner!”
He didn’t know that his father had already been pinched to death by Chen Dayou, the predecessor of Patriarch Qingyun.。
Master Qingyun saw Li Haihu look envious,Said with a smile:“Want to learn?”
Li Haihu nodded vigorously,Just listen to what Master Qingyun said:“As long as you help me find enough Changchun Shengji cream in the world,I can teach you my compulsory education department,I’ll accept you as the first disciple of my Qingyun Sect!”
Li Haihu is excited,Then it dimmed again,The Changchun Shengji ointment from Li’s family can only treat one of his palms,I went there to find so many Changchunshengji ointment to treat his body。
Suddenly a noisy footsteps and screams interrupted his thoughts,Look up,I saw seven or eight children from my Li family running back all covered in blood。
“what happened?”

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