He can’t control so much.!

Now is the arrow,Have to send it.!
He looked back and saw an eye from Chen Riyuan.,I hope that Chen Riyuan can come forward directly.,Go directly to this Qianlong exchange
In this way, he doesn’t have to go with Qianlong.。
But obviously this is impossible!
Chen Riyuan is interested,It’s just that it is necessary to train Zhou Yewu and the patient’s communication skills.,It can even be said to be a test and test。
“I want to fight three hundred rounds with the patient,Chen Shu, you must save me.。”Zhou Niwu has some way to say。
Although it is a bit of joke,But his heart is really no bottom.。
Chen Riyuan nodded,揉 揉 揉,Trying to make his muscles relax。
Relax,Pressure is suddenly dissipated。
One after the other,Zhou Ye went to Qianlong,And Chen Riyuan is slowly followed by。
I suddenly felt that this protective service was a bit suffocated and taped.。
“Is my mother’s mother began to be nervous??”He thinks that if there is no doctor with Chen Riyuan, it is ok.,Now I am really nervous by Chen Shu.。
He is a little fear of Qianlong to struggle directly from the bed.,Want to tell him
“Cough。”Zhou Ye went clear。
Entered the door,He saw that Qianlong had already stared at himself.。
“What are you doing??”Qianlong seems to guess Zhou Yewu and Chen Riyuan’s intention,The attitude seems to be a little lazy。
Zhou Ye only hated that Sun Jun didn’t hate this time.,Otherwise, there is when you are crazy,Take a minute!
In order to complete the matter of Chen Siyuan,Zhou Niwu is also an emotion,I don’t pay attention to the obvious disrespectful of money.。
Zhou Ye:“It is what I came over with you to the cultivation of your blood.。”
Qianlong listened to the blood and cultivated things and suddenly came.,Originally, he is still a scholastic on Chen Riyuan.,But see is that young doctors have come to speak.,So it is obvious that there is a bit imputation.:“Make,What is the use of these messy checks all day?,I am newGWhat is the use of these blood?,It’s better to use these money to buy a good tomb.。”
“newGNow we are active treatment,And consider having no basic problems,So saying that the danger of life you said is likely small。”
“Very small possibilities?Do you think I don’t read the news??Many people have died in the country.。”
“Yes,But most of them are older patients,And it is the basic problem with basic problems.。”
“I don’t breathe anyway.,Do you look at it yourself.,I don’t want to spend this money.。”
“We are definitely suggesting that you better do this blood culture.,Because blood is able to understand different ways to cause bacteramia help diagnose and explain,Then know the specific infectious bacteria。”
Although Zhou Niwu is working hard to communicate well with Qianlong,Nai Qianlong is not listening in a word,I don’t ignore the words of Zhou Niwu said.,Just always come to him.。
“You really want to make this check。”Zhou Ye is really exciting to solve the hard work, but not in front of this man.。
But blood culture must do。
Mycobacterial blood is usually derived from infections in the following parts.,Among them, the urinary genital tract is25,Respiratory tract20,Abscess10,Surgical wound5,Biliary tract infection5,Other known parts of the infection10,Unknown part of the infection25。
I don’t know when the infected part is,Do blood training, not only clarify bacteria,Can also clear the infection source,Is this not a matter??
Zhou Ye wrinkled frown。
Chen Shu can still see him to solve the problem.
Just when he is upset, I don’t know how to solve it.。
Qianlong began to talk again:“I know let me spend money.,Do this,All doctors are all like,Bombard!”

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