“they,Is it really that awesome??”

When Wei Yuluo was talking here,Those around,It’s completely eager to try。
Since I have said so now,So what should I do next,This is very important。
And looking at these,at this time,For Wei Yuluo,He gritted his teeth。
“hateful,these people,Really didn’t put us in the eyes。”
“Since this is the case,Then next,We must do something!”
When Wei Yuluo’s words are finished,Those around,Nodded again and again。
“That’s what it said,Actually we should have done this long ago。”
“Since this is the case,Then next,How should these things be resolved?,Actually this,It’s very important。”
“Who said no,this matter,It’s actually very interesting。”
When these people finish,In fact, it looks like these people,obviously,They still feel,I should deal with this matter quickly now。
And think of these,at this time,At this time, Wei Yuluo waved his hand。

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