Chen Erniu was sweating profusely,He smiled and said:“Sanye, sorry to go down,Won’t go down,You can live to two hundred years old”Chen Erniu’s words,Made everyone laugh。

Suddenly someone screamed“snake”
Everyone panicked,Hula around,I saw in the tunnel just dug,I took a big black python,It’s as thick as a bowl,It should be several meters long when unfolded。
Someone shouted“Kill it,Killed tonight, stewed snake meat tonight”
“No,Absolutely!“Huang Daxian is like crazy,Ran over,Pushed aside a few young queens who were about to do it。
Xia Sanye also rushed over with the support of several other people,He gasped and said:“stop it now,Snakes in the grave can’t beat,Who of you dare to do it,I will fight him desperately“
Wong Tai Sin’s hands together,Chattering,Then shouted:“The snake appears,Explain that there are ground veins here,Don’t move here anymore,Is your Xia family going against heaven??”
“Dare not!Please bother,Pray for our Xia family”Which old people of the Xia family led by Xia Sanye,Kneeled down to the big black snake,Everyone’s piety。
Zhao Hong gently pulled Xia Jian and said:“There is this Huang Taixian,I can’t do this job today,Have to find a way,Let this person leave early”
Xia Jian nodded,In fact, he had already seen it,A thousand defenses,But the appearance of the big black snake,He still didn’t expect,This is how to do?The superstition of these old people,He Xia Jian knows best,Even if they drink mud,But the gods don’t dare to collide,This is their purpose。
The weird thing is,This big black snake seems to be asleep,Staying in the pit and not moving,It looks really scary。Just now,The situation on the court has changed again。
“Tianling,Earth Spirit,Manifestation of the Black Snake,Foreshadowing the Xia Family,Do not move the grave”Wong Daxian said,The body sifted like an electric shock。
It’s almost noisy,This guy is never ending,I really thought Xia Jian was a vegetarian,If it’s not for Xia Sanye and the others,,I drove you away long ago,Xia Jian thought,Suddenly an idea。
There happened to be a long branch on the edge of the grave,Xia Jianshun picked it up,Get rid of all the small branches on it,When he Cheng Xia San Ye and they were not paying attention,Stab the big black snake in the head with a branch,Then let go of the branches in a hurry,Big black snake being attacked,Of course get angry。
I saw its head stretched out,Spit out a long letter,Came up along the branches,There is no saying“Hit a snake with a stick”Xia Jian was inspired from here。
When Wong Tai Sin finds out,The big black snake has dashed under his feet,See him“Oh my God”Bang,People have rushed out,Roll and climb,When you get up,People are almost on the river。
Xia Jian gave a gesture,Everyone started to raise the earth towards the big black snake,Three sides,The way out is only ahead,The big black snake also understands this truth,Momentary kung fu,Have gone without a trace。

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