Lu Hao nodded,Put a packing box in Ning Feifei’s office,“Ning Assistant,This you eat。”

Ning Feifei looked at him,When I saw the package box of the Jiangshi Hotel,She swallowed a spit。
This husband is not listening,The blue director still doesn’t know how big the fire is.?
“Thanks……Thank you。”Ning Feifei voice is small,Looking at Blue Xin’s face is not too much change,She is relieved.。
Blue Xin smiled low:“Fifi,You slowly eat。”
Say,She cleaned up her desk,Get up to the office。
“it is good!Blue Director。”Ning Feifei is excited,Jiangyou Hotel,Can she eat it for the first time??
She is a little suppressed, she can’t excite the heart.,Her ability,Half year salary,Not enough to go to the Jiangyue Hotel to eat a meal。
How can she not excited??
“Blue,let’s go。”Only her in Lu Haocheng,The smile is soft and soft。
Blue Xin’s mouth,Lips light smile,“Let it go!I am not hungry when you call.,I am hungry now.。”She is indeed hungry,For her baby in her belly,Be uncomfortable,She also eats well.。
Lu Haocheng listened to this,He knows this way。
He takes her hand,Look wholly in her ear:“Blue,I am ready for you.。”
“Thanks husband!”Blue Xin wants to blow the rainbow fart,She said,Go to the cafeteria,But he didn’t take her words when she was.。
Lu Haocheng listened to her old couple,He smiled,When Blue Xin is together,He always has a laugh,No, cold:“Wife,You’re welcome,I said that,I am not lacking.,You can rest assured that bold spending money。”
Blue is glanced at him,He still said such a word now,It seems that she should teach him well.,Save is virtue。
Blue Xinyi:“Do you still bought porridge at the Jiangyan Hotel??”
Lu Hao Cheng quickly laughed,“Wife,You have worked hard every day.,Be sure to eat,If you like the meals of the hotel,I can ask the chef there.,Specialize for you。”
“forget it,I like it very much.,But don’t do that extent,Occasionally, you can eat it.。”Blue Xin looked at him,Note is a bit dissatisfied,The bottom of my heart is because he is grateful to his own pet.。
Her heart is really contradictory,can also be,Women are really contradictory,No husband,Dreaming is a husband who can put yourself。
Have a husband,Also reached your own wish,How can I still contradict??
never mind,forget about it,People are not short of money,What is her citric acid??
Lu Haocheng flashed in a thoughts,“Blue,up to you。”He pets his wife,I have to pet it.。
Blue Xin:“Thank you.,Since I encountered you,I feel that I have my shoulders to rely on.。Lu Hao Cheng,You must be a carbonated drink last life.,Otherwise, how can I see you happy??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”
His wife is good today.?
“Blue,Millennium,I can also recognize you at a glance.,Because others walk on the road,You are in my heart。”He blinked his eyes toward her charm.。
NS838chapter:It’s really good to look like it.
“hehe”Blue Xin was amused by his words.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,You will walk in the future.,I have to hit my heart,I can’t do it too.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at her naughty and smiled.:“Wife,I will give you my entire soul.,It only has a wish,This life loves you.。”
These,But he has time to learn.,It is also hand to it.,School,Just to cooperate with his little wife。
Blue Xin nodded quickly,“Lu Hao Cheng,This life,Do you have to love me?,Can you love others??”

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