“I found you with all my hard work‘Rocky Mask’?”

The red eye then put the entire mask on his head,The strangely shaped mask only exposes the user’s eyes,Other places,Especially the mouth,Wrapped in very tight material,But does not affect people’s breathing。
Open your eyes when red eyes,I saw wearingVRA system prompt appeared in front of the glasses:“Bloodthirsty and ruthless Gandhi warrior,You are eligible to open hidden occupations——‘Crimson Eye’All conditions,Will you accept the challenge of the transfer task??”
Prelude-newborn Chapter Seventy Nine Training showdown
I saw that appearing in the projection screen on the wall“Transfer task”prompt,Gandhi sitting on the sofa outside the game cabin was taken aback。
Hurried to the game deck,Patted the hatch a few times,Shouted:
“Don’t turn,Don’t turn,This is my account!”
Red eye opened the hatch,Said in a voice that couldn’t hide disappointment:
“correct……This is your account……I almost forgot……Sorry,Ganda……”
“no way,Although I am also curious‘Crimson Eye’How is this hidden profession,But using my account to make you transfer is definitely not suitable……”Gandhi said helplessly。
“To understanding。”
Red Eye knows that as a professional player,Sometimes my profession may not be the one I most want to use,In many cases, the coaching staff of the team decides which profession to use,Therefore, it is often the case that personal career choices are sacrificed in order to match the team。Especially an e-sports player like Gandhi,Choosing a career must be very careful,In case you accidentally choose the wrong profession,Will even ruin Gandhi’s career。
then,After red eyes hesitated for a while,Quickly selected,
But a new prompt came from the system:“The task is permanent,You can activate again in the career challenge mode in the future,Complete the transfer challenge。”
Xu Tian heard the conversation between the two,Also poked his head out of the game pod,Said with a smile:“sure!Hidden occupations are triggered the first time you play the game?Remember to share after training!”
The red eye is also inexplicable,It seems that after he entered the game,Except driving in the drug ring and taking drugs to save your life,The rest is done with some routine operations,Is it possible that the problem arises in this strange“Rocky’s Mask”on?
Red eye is back in the game,Take off the mask on your face,Hold it in your hand and look carefully,Weird and exaggerated shape,Black wooden texture,The red shimmer on the smooth inner wall。

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