“Who is Li Hui?”

Seeing that several people are very strong,Especially those who take the leader are practiced.,The body is not only strong and high,When the other party is tone, there is no meaning and good idea.。
Bai Yufei saw this scene,I am in my head.。
Li Hui frowned and glanced and looked back and looked back.,Lu Zhengyi saw Li Hui’s gaze,Ignore is not dodge,Instead, it is a fun。
He has always stabilized in the driving school in these years.,But it is so simple to rely on a well-known relationship.,It is a secret relationship between him.。
他就是想亲眼看着李随风被胖揍,It is best to let the other party’s long point of memory,I saw him in the future.。
Seeing Lu Zhengyi’s smoking,Li Hui’s heart has also understood what happened.。
“Hey-hey,I am,What do you have to find me??”
“Boy,Still do you have a kind,Did you recognize,Yesterday, did you give me an old man??”
Say,For the convenience of directly grabbing the collar。
Li Hui also smiled and appointed the other party.,Faint road:“Is there such a thing,He wretched my girlfriend,This is put on you, you don’t say he.?
Don’t you call a man??”
Since Li Hui, I asked.,The other party suddenly regretted that these problems。
Because this thing Lu Zhengyi is not occupied,If Lu Zhengyi promises to give him a beautiful girl tonight,He won’t come with a bunch of brothers.。
Especially the perspective of Lu Zhengyi’s sneak shot,Let him also itch。
“Humph,Boy,Less less here to find a reason,I only know that you have to be prepared to be prepared.。”
Say,The other fist is also awkward.。
Scared Bai Yufei quickly hid。
And Jinxi is rushing to prevent each other.。
Just when she has closed her eyes to do this.,But I suddenly feel that my body is light.,Then I feel a strong arms and wrapped her.。
The sound of the drums, from Li Hui’s body。
Jin Xiger slowly opened his eyes,Seeing Li Hui Hui put her in his arms,Then, the back is directly to the other party.。
“You are fine, you are fine.?”
Li Hui’s grin:“Don’t make a fool in the future。”
Said that turning around is rushing up。
Just now, he can take Jinxi.,Just hesitate to decide or leave it.,After all, if you open,It seems that some shocking。
That a strong man didn’t expect him that he did not defeat Li.,Instead, it is like a granite.。
I can’t help but smash it.。
Peng Pepeng faces Li Hui Feng’s fist,The strong man is very disdainful。
But exposed to the moment,He regrets it.。
Three punches,Every punch did not block,Instead, I was directly to the ground.。
“Why do you still do it??
Feeling Li Hui Feng’s fist,Strong men also help the younger brother after it。
It’s just that all this is not a big thing to Li Hui Feng.。

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