Since the other party appears,And obviously standing in this part,Summer naturally give respect。

“My mother surnamed Li,My father is surnamed Liu,All I have two names,Sometimes it is Li Tian,Sometimes it is a willow knife。”
He smiled and looked at the summer.,It seems patience,Situing in the last time。
Follow-up,“Certainty,These are not important,Important,I am a uncle of a young head.,Uncle。And come over,In fact, I have been in my home.,Every time you go to the old house,I am watching in my eyes.。”
Just talk,Willow knife,Then look at the gloomy Sau Huaishan。
“Boss,What did you say?Ask the sword?Why don’t you say,After the summer, the sword,Break through the bottleneck promotion,It is your dark pass to the light.,In order to cause her to be sneak,Old miscellaneous,Be bullied,This is not very good.。”
NS2573chapter Change again
This is another secret。
Everyone in the field is full of complications。
Today’s people,Although it is super master of major ancient military and ancient Wu Shi,but in fact,Most people have not participated in that year.。
Is their martial arts and family participation。
And in the past,So I have to come today.。
Even nearly forty years,Many grudges,Still in all kinds of fog。
Many truths are overwhelming in the history of dust.。
And before Su Huaishan,And Liu Wei said at this moment,Obviously the secret,And involved the grievances。
Summer eyes are sewing into a gap,Cold light flashed。 “Willow knife,Since you are dead,It should always be a slump turtle,Should not。”
The eyes of Su Huaishan become emerald,Sinister。
Liu knife seems to be a laughter,Just laughing and is full of angry and tragic。
“I took a skill that year,I received my big brother.,When you come back,We will be killed,Only my father and my big brother will live down.,My father in order to protect the big brother who did not practice.,Thoroughly become a waste。”
The twilight of the willow knife is getting brighter and brighter.,The rich kill is like the clouds,“these years,I have been constrained by my father.,Let me don’t think about revenge。”
He hits,Looking at Lang Lang,“I listen to him.,Allocate,Although he doesn’t tell me who the enemy is,Just saying that a group of masked people broke into my Liujia,But these years,I have been secretly investigation,I really want to have some people asked by one day.,Why is it so cruel?,Although I will be ancient martial arts,But from unscrupulous deception,I have been looking for people,Why is it to be destroyed?,Just because I secretly helped the summer in the summer.,Is it going to die??”
I heard this sentence,More than four weeks are stunned。
Even if summer is also a night,Mental complex。
“good,I don’t revenge,I am hidden,I am only in secretly protecting this kid.,Although I see him very uncomfortable。”
Liu knife deeply spit out a breath,Looked at the summer,Follow-up,“But he is going to make a break with everyone today.,Then I will will willow the knife.,Come to discuss,Su Huaishan,The person who shot in the same year,Have you。”
Su Huaishan’s face is gloomy,Drink,“Willow knife,Have a blood spray!”

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