And one of the guards of the Tan family,Shook his head at this place。

“outside,The situation is not optimistic,And they will rush in anytime。”
When these words are finished,At this moment,Tan Long felt it all,As if the sky is about to fall。
Over,It’s all like this now,Then next,What should I do?
See here,Tan Long at this time,The whole person is gritted teeth,Even when I see the distance,It’s even more of a face。
“Since this is the case,What are we still spending here?。”
“If the more so,Let’s next,Should still play a big one!”
When Tan Long’s words are finished,obviously,Those around,In fact, I have completely spared it。
After all, from the current point of view,What needs to be done。
Actually this,It is very important。
And after watching for a while,Tan Long waved his hand at this time,Don’t forget to speak to the front。
“All right,Now words,Don’t think about it。”
“Now that everyone is ready,Then we can prepare!”

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