“Ha ha,it is good,Royal Nest,First capture the entire family,Control the humanity,I don’t believe that the kid doesn’t come out.!”Yang Yu Tian haha laughs and laughs。

“Wu Xiong,Thank you for trust.!”Wild God bear the double hand:“Let it go,This time I bring the time and space of the monument,Even if the old dragon will show secrets again,We are not afraid!”
“it is good!”
Yang Yu Tian,The Wu heaven is a big summit.,When their figure walks into the direction of the cross-domain in the void,Be boundless,Yangtianxu,Yangtong,Southern Nanming is careful to follow them。
Over the dead,I don’t know how far is the North Sea.,Three shadow ghosts stand in void,These three guys are Handao people,Golden dragon,Tiger King,Three guys are swallowed with smog。
“Come to the news,Speed preparation,Can be corpus。”Golden Dragon directly spit a smoke ring,His hand is holding a iron box。
“This moment is finally coming.。”Santao people heard the excitement:“Ha ha,Let’s do this ticket.,Absolutely sensation!”
“Must,go,Let your brother holding this dragon’s body。”Tiger king is holding a flue。
“Really can’t go,Let’s carry out three people!”Golden Dragon has a way。
“You think that Laozi doesn’t know,Less nonsense,Set off,Can’t delay things。”Tiger,His body has gone out of his body。
“go,Set off!”
Santao and Golden Dragon have spitted smoking,The two guys’ body also walked out of a figure.。
Just at this moment, a huge body appeared in the void,This body is a huge dragon,This dragon is near500Not only,Scales are like black gods,Transplanting the breath of the mountain river,The body of this dragon is the body of the robbery.。
Golden dragon,Tiger King,Sandao people’s figure is infinitely bigger,Tall figure stands in the sky,The three people carry this giant dragon directly rushed to the depths of the North Sea.。
These days,Golden dragon,Tiger King,Sandao people are indifferent to several votes,Come to the North Sea,Select location,Ready to listen to Lin Feng’s order to bring this body in front of the three dragon。
Quick golden dragon,Tiger King,The figure of the Santa people disappeared in the void,The body of the three people also strolled to the void disappeared.。
Departure,Endless sea。
The ridiculous sea is very calm,Lying with three huge dragons under the sea of sea。
First dragon long500inside,Great magnificent,Scales are like gods from cast iron.,It’s a horrible evil atmosphere http://www.minxingshiye.cn that is unimaginable.。
This dragon is in the Dragon.,Be named proud,His name is with a word,This can imagine this guy in the Dragon Status,His body is a evil dragon。
The second dragon scales are like gold pouring,Evil power,The scorpion is like a big day.,Jin Guang Wanzhang,Gold paw sharp。
This dragon name is proud,His body is a five-claw gold dragon,Natural distinguished,Fighting power。
The third dragon’s scales are scarlets,It’s like a red-red sun.,Rolling flow,Wan Ruo Mi Dragon,The scorpion is like blood yang.,His strength is incomparable。
This dragon is called proud,His body is a blood dragon,Breathing cruel。
Whether it is proud of the god,Proud of evil spirits is still proud of themselves,The wife of proud robbery comes from different dragons.,This has born several different bloodline dragons.。
Three dragons lying in three orientations,The three http://www.shanghaokeji.cn dragons of the three dragons fid out three beams,These three beams gather a copper stinky old tower top,The ancient Tower gives people a beautiful breath.。
It is the Town Tower,The town god tower has a touch of green rays,Evil out of an ancient times,The town is under the top of the parenchyma.。
Three figures sitting although,But exudes the momentum of the sky,Suddenly there are three shadows and open eyes.,Out of a sharp ray,The eyes are looking forward to the void。
The first figure sticks out white finger,His finger is like a white jade carving,The finger contains space rules,One pointing point in the town of the town,Perseve the sound。
The second figure is also extended with white fingers.,His fingers are like a sword is as sharp,fear,Only by pointing to the town god tower。
The third figure is a breath,Carrying too long,Like the gods of the sky,He is like a snow,Dragonfly dance,Every hair is like a sword。

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