“Ok,I admit,In fact, I have learned a long time in my hometown.,Just later forgot,Now is re-learning in the form of memories,Further progress will be much faster。”Kohumido smiles and answers,Tender。

“I don’t believe this ghost.,Whether you come to me for the first time, I have been introduced.,Still, I came to I am sanctions Yoshida.,And the third time,You all show the best strength you can play.,From the beginning,Just have been working all out,I can see it.。”
lightning,Suddenly opened outside the window。
Then it is thunder,Rainstorm also pour it up,The intensive rain sounds full of whole world。
The traffic lights of the crossroads are uneasy,The bird hiding the rain under the roof looks at the indoor,Through the window, look at the two people in the Go indoors.。
And the silence of Qingdao deer,The science privilege finally understood where the offensiveness in her eyes came.。
Yes,Is it true that my opponent is not?,Also hang the kind of half board。
When you see your opponent suddenly become stronger,She should also have a battle.?
Heartbeat、blood、nerve——All crispy, ignite。
“Hey,Sunny island,Although I will have a month, I have a timeday for a month.,But we may wish to put the chess,take it out,catch,write,Down,Bar?”Kohuma Xu Xu,Attention a wire harder,“My first game of my life。”
Chapter 26 · Dragon(Father,Tickets and collection!)
Rehabilitation,The chess game returned to a week ago。
Darkness comes around with the iron curtain。
When the line of sight is restored,【Lock dragon column】Once again, after the sunny island,Dragon’s eyes are deeply gazing,The claw teeth is on the stone column.。
Sure enough, no matter how many times,I feel that this scene is very incredible.。
Look up,Five black diamond crystals floating in half air,Correct【Lock dragon column】Form a semi-surrounding confrontation,Corporation is now noticed to the existence of these five diamonds。
I want this five crystals,It is his remaining five son advantages.。
This,More and more practices。
“Confirm first,Is http://www.sdxbgg.cn this a game directly to the end??”Qingdao,The face of the face has an attack on an offensive atmosphere.。
“Will not deny it。”Corona。
“Humph,Means of,May continue‘Hang’what。”
“Maybe,After all, the final time,A month。”
Xiaofei is in the upper left corner of the top right battlefield.。
——Sure enough, I chose to take off.。
Qingdao deer is like thinking。
The upper right corner is already a state of moving,This time,The most sensible practice is not going to,That is, it is。
The eyes of Qingdao deer passed on the board,Also immediately fall,Continue hanging angle。
Although the body is surging,But the subject is still full of calm in the board。
His goal,Is winning this game,Half-purpose winning,Dozens of destination wins,There is no difference in essentially。
The advantage of holding http://www.szhorsen.cn the Wuzi。
All should live!
Add another,steeple,Spanning,One big official started。

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