But Chakra’s storage has always been a problem。

The approach of the female seal is to adjust the proportion of spiritual strength,That is, Chakra forming the intrinsic properties。
Through more proportion of spiritual energy to maintain Chakra’s unobilition。
But this is not cost,Spiritual energy will dissipate during storage,So collecting the spiritual energy must be more。
This will maintain the proportion,Therefore, it is necessary to be a strong person who can cultivate this.。
Means of,Replace Chakra itself with the dissipation of the spiritual energy。
This is designed specifically for people with powerful people.。
The strength of spiritual power also decides how much storage Chakra。
1, collecting the spiritual energy of the spillation reaches the upper limit,Yinnan also stops collecting flesh energy,Maintaining the proportion of Chakra。
Therefore, it is required to be high enough.,In this way, there can be more spiritual energy overflows.。
Silent division no cultivation,It is because her spiritual talent is not high.,Also store how http://www.maicaima.cn many Chakra。
how to say,It’s like it is stored there.,And the shadow is also a yin。
Not only need Chakra,Need spiritual energy。
And after the shadow is dissipated,It will also give back to the body Chakra。
The principle is basically like this.,This is also the reason why this sealing is called a female seal.,Because this is also a yin。
The key to let the Spring headache is different from the rune chain of the body.,Men and women’s body is different,Of course I can’t use it directly.。
I want to see such a more extent to collect women’s body spilled energy.。
But spring is male,Once this practice is estimated, it will lead to a mess.,Especially for men and women。。。。
Spring can’t get out of this surgery,Too complicated,Have this time is not as good as the real changes。
Although the spring only needs http://www.canyinb.cn to store the part of Chakra,But he can’t inject the spiritual energy every day.。
That’s too much trouble.。
And the sham seal is a whole,Spring, change the branch part。
If only the core part will only cause the seal crash。
What can I do?,Slowly change。
Springs raised reel,His current knowledge reserves are insufficient,Not enough to modify this secret,Too complicated,Even if it is a branch。
Walk all the way stop,Spring, they finally returned to the leaves。
Operators and all come to find three generations.,Naruto also went home。
Spring, take the mute home,After all, she hasn’t lived.。
“grandfather,I am back”Spring shouted。
“Spring is coming back.,Forehead,How come you bring back one?”Grandpa just came out and saw the mute after the spring.。
“Hey-hey,He likes to,Or female”Xiang Phosphorus is revealed。
“What do you say?,This is my sister”Spring said。
It seems that he is brought home for a girl.,I don’t blame my grandfather.。
“Hello,I am the disciple of the master.,Thank you for your help.”Silent, I said。
“Oh oh,fine,Be a family,Come in,Come in”Grandpa knew after mute,Also very embarrassed。
Silent slight smile does not mind,Just follow the spring.。
“so,The program is going to be angry.”Grandpa listened to the spring, say something surprised.。

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