“good,It is Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Your Tang Jia’s son-in-law。”Zhang Shaoze laughs:“how?I don’t know if Tang brother is interested in seeing?”

“The teacher lost a game last time.,I want to see this board.。”Chatty:“How to go together in Tang brother?”
“Since there are several Yaixing,Let me see my brother-in-law.。”Tang Xihu laughs:“Said that he opened the bronze meeting, I didn’t go.,Some rude,But I have important things.,Never go,Let’s take a look at this time.,By the way, look at my sister。”
“it is good,Since this,We don’t have to delay now.。”Long Chuangshi smiles:“Reading color,You haven’t sure you don’t go to Southeast Asia.?”
“Amitabha,There is a living Buddha.。”The master of reading laughs。
“What?”Tang Xihu smiled and looked at the tutorial。
“The teacher of South Asia, the teacher of the stick,I also found a Buddha’s live Buddha to the Southeast Asian five drug budget account.。”Reading master:“People who say that five poisonous people are very embarrassing,People who deal with gods in South America,Three times five times to kill our Tzu,Now, I will kill the three elders of my mother’s god education.。”
“And this?”Tang Baohuo slightly:“What is the three elders??Reward them to China and my sister trading area。”
“In exchange for the sky,When I returned to my own region, I was down from the sky.,Under a knife, the plane,Murder,Gannos’s Tianzhu gun was also taken away,He leaned against a Buddha angry and Tian Snake Tibetan.。”Demonant explanation:“Otherwise it is difficult to escape the hand。”
NS582chapter Five toxicism
“So fierce!”This time, I won the tang and arrogance.:“The five poisonous people are so mad!”
“Amitabha,The five poisonous people have always been crazy.。”The face of the color of the tall:“Doing things more and more embarrassing。”
“Indeed,Do you say that it is not what Southeast Asia??”Tang Xi fire smiles to the people:“The heart of Southeast Asia,Don’t have any care,It is difficult to speculate,I feel like her technique.。”
Tell this,Dragon and Zhang Shazen two people also hide each other.,They naturally know people in Tang Baihuo,This person is very awkward,Gallbladder。
Actually,They are the highest leaders of the golden major forces.,Everything is like the sea,Unable,Killing。
For example, Tang Baohuo,After hearing the Tang Dynasty,The first shot chasing,Kill it on the sea,And post-secret,Tear the face of the Tang Dynasty,Manufacturing a person skin mask,Then shrink the bone,Tang Dynasty。
Even the golden major strength leaders of Wu Ziko and Liu Sheng sword are also deceived.。
Or Wu Zuozi and Liu Sheng sword two people can’t think of Tang family’s Tianjiao so bold,Tiger,Will be measured into Tang Dynasty,Master of the island country。
Not only is Tang Bihu,These people in front of them are the same,Not under Tang Baohu,So young,Which is a simple figure??Everything is the dog in the http://www.hrbzgyxy.com.cn Tianjiao。
The Southeast Asia in their mouth is the most amazing year of the five poisonous people.,Repair the most high,Almost lack of people in the next generation of five-toxic teaching,And it is a woman,Fumes like flowers,Snake heart poisonous woman,Basic bodies in the five poisonous education。
“It’s a bit like her means。”Long Chuangyi heard the head:“Evil!”The dragon’s scorpion is covered with a hot fever.。
“Evil!”The master of reading is also squinting.,The eyes are hot。
“Ha ha,I just guess it.。”Tang Xihuha, smile:“Not if we agree this evil?Drink together?Don’t you??”
“Tang brothers don’t want to go to China?”Zhang Shaoze laughs。
“I also want to go to Zhongzhou Shun Road to see my sister and my sister.,But too far,I still don’t go.,Anyway, in the past few days, they came to Donghai Fei Xiandao.。”Tang http://www.kljxgs.cn Xihu laughs:“I will ask them to drink.,Instead, I miss the evil.,what about you?”
“Ha ha……Tang brother is really true。”Long Chuangshi Wen Xi Haha smiled。
“I also know the faux,Brother,This brother wants to teach the Kung Fu to this evil.,So let’s take a higher here.,Sight, who is holding the beauty!”Tang Xihuang,Be sharp,Looking to the distant southern。
“Ha ha,it is good!”Long Chuangshi heard the big laughter:“Tang brother this proposal is good,Evil,Evil,Let us see who is sleeping on the bed。”
These leaders have a circle of leaders。
“Amitabha,This words,This seat is very thought to discuss with the evil.。”The master of reading, he wedd a lot of a Buddha.。
“Ha ha,it is good,I am welcome.。”Zhang Shaoze’s back is a few people.:“Since this,What are we waiting for?,Go to Southeast Asia,drink wine,Music,About http://www.tyxlsh.cn evil。”
“Ha ha,it is good,But first close to the East China Sea,I want to pay the task,Unlike your life, enjoy your life。”Tang Baohuai Wen Haha smiled,Finally pull the fire to the evil.,These people go to the Central China City,In fact, I want to detect the depth of Lin Feng Feng.。
They are arrogant,But everything is very thoughtful,Never look at any potential enemy。
“it is good。”Long Chuangyi heard the head:“Over the East China!”

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