“But the strength of the dead last night,It is a little more than my expectations.,Actually, you can dye a blue dyeing as a desperate。

Although I didn’t see their specific battle,But from the battle environment, there is still a residual push,It can be judged that the strength of both parties is quite strong.。”
Six cars, Xi Xi recalls it,Last night, I arrived at the scene seen.,It’s hard to imagine that the battle of the two is caused.,Because the entire landform is completely changed。
“花 花 哉 哉,Guy who has never heard of it before,It should be the dead god that appears in hundreds http://www.nanshahd.cn of years.。
But I heard the words of this last name.,It should be a person who is related to the flower captain of。”
Yacha Pill Lisa,A pair of glasses,While reading the book unrempatient。
People here,It belongs to the old capital.,Compared with Night and Lucia, they are more than,Don’t know them is also normal。
“Night once mentioned me,This 花 夜 夜 对 对 对 对,Words……,It is said that the old man who once followed,Place the autumn。”
“Hey Hey hey,It’s too much this joke.,Is it not divided into the fire??”
Aichuan Luo Wu’s expression exaggerate,He is really surprised this time.,Even than last night, I still have to be surprised.。
Other people’s expressions are almost,Contrast,They only need to be afraid of his ambitions and conspiracy。
But the leader of the captain,That is the real awesome。
http://www.ffgdkj.cn Form“Team”Man,After thousands of years of death,Hand take the strongest and oldest chop knife,Strong captain,Even if it is self-thinking, it has not evolved to have a blue dye enough to live a life level.,I don’t dare to open in front of them.。
And a guy who comes only for hundreds of years.,Actually fighting the captain?
“But no matter how?That guy is the 13th team of the guard.,And we have also said before,No longer deal with them.。”
Although the strength of the night is good,But Pingzi Zhenzi said that they are not all the way to the 13th team.。
Although they caught their blue dye,But it is also a good sense of the 13th team of the guard.。
They bleed sweat for the sake of corpse, so many years,Just because the body has a virtual power,I was chased to now。
“In fact, Yucuan His His Licheng last night,He hopes that we teach a guy called Kurosaki.『Blunt』Skill。”
“So I intend to get in touch with this Kurosaki,Just as far as I know this 花 哉,Also teaching in the same school,This time you may investigate together。”
For Kurosaki,Pingzi Zhenzi is not like a night.,On the one hand, the Kurosaki is not a person of the 13th team of the guard.。
On the one hand, he also knows,Kurosaki is a son of Kurosaki,It’s a group of people who have ridicitated with them.。
“what?We teach the boy to master the power of the virtual?”
I heard the words of flatness,I said that I said in the world.。They own in order to master『Blunt』,How much bitter is eaten?,Now, you will make such a skill.。
“According to Po Hua Hao,When you have to deal with blue dye in the future,This Kurosaki prostitute may be the most critical。”
Although I don’t know why Posu is so good to the evaluation of Kurosaki,But the Kurosaki’s protective itself is the power of the virtual,It is a masterpiece『Blunt』Basic conditions。
“Picnic,Needless I need to be with you。”
Fengqiao Building, who has just been silent, said,The strength of the flowers in the night is deeply,And don’t know how the other party’s attitude,Fengqiao Building Shiro is worried that the Ping is a person in the past.。
“no need,Since the night is said to each other is credible,Then there should be no problem.。
And how do you say,I haven’t been a leader before.,He is a three-seat.,If he really spends me,I will let him know,I am not so provoked.。”
Ping Zi Zhenzi’s confidence,In fact, he really has a bit of bar, not to do it with him.,This will make yourself know,How big is your current gap with blue?。
As for another side,Night is looking at your task industry,Yesterday’s second task,Reward has been issued,But it is not enough to say halfway.。
The content of the original task is not based on external force.,Trumpet of the city pill silver。
In fact, he did defeat the city’s silver silver.,Just waiting for the opportunity to put water to let them leave.。
But the plan can’t change the change,Who knows that the http://www.rmbtrip.cn blue dye is also running with the fun,And it is also involved in it.。
So this task,The system determines that the night is only half,Or because he is really in the past, the city’s silver three,I am afraid that even half a reward is not。

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