He goes down this feet,Everyone is at least three ribs。

“Come,Your three people tie each other,If not tied,You don’t have to enter the police today.,Directly here to explain after it。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,I dragged into the house while two people in the door,Lock the door directly。
Height of the 16th floor,Li Hui Feng believes that the other person will not truss the window and escape.,Unless you want to live。
The other three people are also somewhat.。
They have been hobbed for so long.,Still the first time I encountered such a hardcore,The key also put the door back lock。
“You open the door and open the door.,Otherwise, we have to have your life.。”
Although Li Hui’s feet have some,But the three young people’s body is indeed strong,A strainer,Three people are actually standing up.。
Look at this scene,Li Hui Feng is a bit surprised。
“You should be less than 18 years old,Still a student?”
“Hey-hey,Want to manage?
Intelligence,Just put us.,Otherwise, we are killing you, you will not be sentenced to death.,And we have more people,Up to lack of murder,We also have a brother dissatisfied with 14,Let him top package,If you are smart, I will give us this woman.,Otherwise I want your life today.。”
In the middle, there are some thin and tall young people.,The bumble in the eyes, if the previous Li speaks in the wind, I am afraid it is really timid.。
But after the inheritance of Shennong,Li Hui is no longer a rebellion of the original honesty.。
Although he is good http://www.wptact.cn now,Although saving people,But all the people who saved the rescue。
“Don’t get fire first,Come,Let me see which brothers are less than 14 years old.?”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Middle-aged youth thought that Li Hui Hui was scared.,It is more proud of it.。
“It’s my brother.,You tied yourself.,We will spare you today.,Otherwise, you are also white.。”
Li Hui Looking at the relatively strong young man next to youth,How do you see it is a look of dissatisfaction?。
Can only sigh now how to eat more hormones?。
“hehe,In addition to him is less than 14 years old,You can be sentenced to a few of you.。”
“Humph,We are all dissatisfied with eighteen,Ghost。”
You should don’t do this.?”
Li Xiangqi asked with the wind,The face reveals a fear of fear。
Seeing Li Hui Feng’s fearful look,Several young young http://www.tai-cang.cn people are all feeling courageous。
“That is,Our school’s school flowers are all enjoyed by us.,She has changed up to her last afterwards.,We don’t have,There is still a lot of glorious things.,Do you want to listen??
But if you listen,We will kill people.。”
Just hear the first,Li Hui’s heart is sinking,He suddenly felt that although the young people in front of him,But no one is bound by the inside.,People’s discipline,People’s morality,Some are all all of the animals.。
At the same time,He also remembers the most important sentence of Shennong inheritance,That is to save and don’t save it from the heart.,Kill one person to save the world,Save each other “hehe,I want to hear,But I don’t want to listen to it so quietly.,Need you to repent and say better。”
Chapter 213 Sudden Request
Voice is just,Li Hui is like a http://www.yesdance.cn tiger.。
Three teenagers still want to resist,But how can I resist in front of Li Anti-style??
咔嚓 嚓 每 人 人 随 风 风 风 随 风 随。
The horrible sound is directly in the house。
Xu Ruzhen did not expect that Li Hui will be so heavy for a few people.,But think of a few teenagers just said,She also feels that it is a matter of course for it.。

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