“Humph!”Murong Jiu is unclear and unclear。

In addition to small fish,No one knows what this sound is……
Zhou Yiluo is still almost embarrassed,After all, the salted fish jar of Chu Deirers,Already shaved。
Just, I know that the deer people are worried about leaking,Nor well avoided。
Especially after seeing the words of the handkerchief of Chu Deirers.,Zhou Yilu even looked up with the initiative,Ningken and Chu Deer are close to the side shoulder,I don’t want others to go.……
Chapter 421 Moon shadow
The moon is high in the sky,
Moon shadow。
Yunxiao doesn’t see the month,
Water in the moon。
The handkerchief is such a one,Don’t worry about、Use words, not very small little poems。
Zhou Yu Ruo,Although I don’t know what it means?,Use words, even,But also know this thing in the ancestral,The impact will be large,So I just followed it.,It became two shoulders and shoulders,The corner of each squat is watching。
The Chu Deiren felt that this poem is familiar.——This is not《Junior Zhang Sanfeng》In the play,When I saw Qin Siyong,give“Zhang Junbao”、That is, Zhang Sanfeng’s poem when you are young.?
The original meaning of the holy,Step by Qin Simay、Breathing habits,I saw that she is a happy king,At that time, Zhang Junbao’s father,Killed by the people of the joy,Therefore, the sacred mince is in the dark.,Don’t only look at the appearance,Be careful that this is not simple woman……
Calculate Zhang Junbao’s father,It is also true that Qin Simy is killed.,But the reason why it is,Is it unwilling to accomplish it?。
However, Qin Siyong is also one of the people who participate in the laid.,This is also the final Qin Siming to choose the root cause of the home.。
And now this poem is here,It’s hard to say what is used……
Moon shadow……Water months……
Lenovo’s the law of Emei,Can be“Moon shadow”,This is dusty、still is“Dust”?
Chu Deirers feel,Still don’t do reading well!
Zhou Yuli has some emotional shy while,Also very nervous,I am afraid of this……Is it difficult to imagine what the Master will respond?。
And at this time,Chu Deiren looked at her,After that, use a non-trace group,Make http://www.400jl.cn a“Obstacle”。
It seems to be handkerchief,Remove his arms,In fact, it is in the dead end of everyone’s attention.,Put hand plug to Zhou Yulu’s sleeves!
It is inevitable that there is some contact,Zhou Yulu’s face,But also understand that the intention of the Chu,There is no resistance,Instead。
Chu Deirers also don’t want to take the handkerchief,After all, this thing will be,Put in the mezzanine,I want to come to the choice of the ancestral master。
pot,Chu Deirers for Zhang Zhen? Carry back,But this thing……Emei can find a chance? Put back to inside!
Zhou Yurui also understands the meaning of Chu Deirers? In addition, indirect life,Still sighing in my heart? This Chu is too late to get along with it.,Even the ancestors who don’t act? So big risk?
Rate……Is this poem? Touch him??
What is also a similar http://www.zzchenyang.cn experience So it is extraordinary?
No wonder you don’t understand this poem.……
At the same time,Zhou Yulu also took a headache——Chu Deirers are kind,I want Emei to take this thing.,Return back to the ancestors? But……

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