Sanjiang source to build a national park model

  Sanjiang’s source of water, Mountain Zong Kunlun entered the Yunxiao, Qilian Grass Fragrance, Damei Qinghai Green Soul.

  This is Qinghai, green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, and Ice Time is also Jinshan Yinshan.

  This is Qinghai, green is the background here, people and natural harmonious symbiosis ecological paintings are covered with Jiangyuan.

  This is Qinghai, the biggest value here is ecology, the biggest responsibility is in ecology, and the biggest potential is also ecological.

  Looking at Qinghai, we are very happy, Sanjiangyuan National Park is about to set the park, Qilian Mountain, Qinghai Lake, Kunlun Mountain National Park steadily advanced, cocoa Siri World Heritage Protection uses science and efficiency, "Xining consensus" connotation continues to enrich … Qinghai explore out A road that can be reproduced can be promoted, and the "Qinghai Experience" is contributed in the pilot of the National Park.

  The system innovation, breaking "Kowloon Governing Water" time back to six years ago.

On March 5, 2016, the Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council officially issued the "Three Jiangyuan National Park System Pilot Program", Sanjiangyuan became the first national park system pilot in my country, the State Council approved.

  On March 10, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that when the 12th National People’s Congress, the Qinghai delegation was highlighted: "The national park pilot of the new system in three Jiangyuan regions of more than 120,000 square kilometers, and strive to change. Kowloon Governing Water ‘, realizing the’ two unified exercises’ breaking out a road, reflecting the reform and responsibility. To start this pilot, implement the glacier snow mountain, Jiangyuan River, lake wetland, alpine meadow Regional ecosystems, accumulating can be copied to promote promotional management experience, strive to promote people and nature harmonious development. "Sanjiangyuan National Park system pilot is to accelerate a major innovation in the construction of my country’s ecological civilization, a major reform.

Since it is a reform, it is necessary to break the "Dragon Governing" and law enforcement supervision "fragmentation", and truly realize the "one thing from a department to manage" system pilot target.

  In the system pilot, the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government "adheres to the optimization of integration, unified norm, does not make administrative division adjustments, no new administrative system preparation, form management entities, exercising subject management responsibility, and established provincial national park management The national park administrative entities of the National Park Administration, the 3 National Park Administration, 12 Township Protection Management Station, 12 Township Protection Management Station, Village Management Station, Village Management Station, Village-level Management Station, and Management Small Team, formed a leader in the management bureau , The management committee is based on the support, the protection station, radiates to the management system of the village.

  Courage the national mission, implement the pilot task, focus on reform target, and be a "construction captain".

Today, we are happy to see the 31 system pilot tasks of the three Jiangyuan National Park, in the innovative system mechanism, improve the policy system system, protect the ecological environment, and protect the importance of the people and other important results, establishment The 9 major national park construction philosophy, initially formed 15 management systems, "I have gone" to learn from international experience, in line with China’s national conditions, and have three rivers and sources ".

  Sanjiangyuan National Park officially gardens, the goal of struggle is not stopped, by 2025, the national park is highlighted in building a natural protection system. By 2035, the national park system mechanism was more sound and more demonstrated.

  Building a co-management, stabilizing the green barrier National Park system pilot, Qinghai is a pilot pilot with a dual-state park (Sanjiangyuan National Park, Qilian Mountain National Park Qinghai Zi District) system, which is unique in the country. Since the implementation of national park system, Qinghai Province will optimize the setup and functional configuration of the management institution, improve the long-term working mechanism of division-labor, clear, mutual support, and the professional management team of internationally inquiry.

  In particular, the Qilian Mountain National Park Qinghai District system pilot, building an ecological protection highland, ecological research highland and ecological cultural highland "three major highlands" Let’s give full play to the role of the village and party members and party members to lead the leadership, to create the party members’ obligations and protect the "two teams", and promote the "Village and the two committees +" joint point unit joint construction work mechanism. In addition, Qinghai promotes the establishment of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and the Yangtze River Basin and the provinces cooperate to protect the Sanjiangyuan ecological environment to build a sharing mechanism. The big project promotes great protection, promoting great repairs in great protection, and promotes great effort. Establish the provincial forest grass information center, accelerate the construction of Qilian Mountain National Park, build a "sky-integrated" ecological environment monitoring network, natural resource basic database and statistical analysis platform.

  Established the Institute of Sanjiangyuan National Park Research Institute, Plateau Science and Sustainable Development Research Institute, and the long-term scientific research base of Qilian Mountain National Park.

  Implementation of the first phase of Sanjiangyuan Ecological Protection, II and Qilian Shanshi Shuimin Tianhu grass ecological protection repair project, the ecological environment is improved, the ecological function is consolidated, the water source cultivation has increased by more than 6%, the grass coverage rate, the grassland It has been increased by 11%, more than 10%, respectively. The wildlife population is significantly increased, and the Tibetan antelope returns to more than 70,000.

  …… Do not bear, irresponsion, promote the establishment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau National Park Group, promote the establishment of a joint work mechanism, research assessment of the natural resources and human heritage value of national park group, explore the preparation of park group construction planning plan, basic procedures and monitoring Evaluation specification.

  Ecological protection, people and natural harmonious symbiotic national parks, some areas are reserved for auto residents, used for basic living and launching traditional agriculture, these auto residents live in the park, work in the park, while Also participate in the protection and management of national parks, they are the "owners" of the national park name. Accelerate the relationship between national park construction, rationalism and nature, first to stimulate the human beings to become the internal motility of national park construction.

Sanjiangyuan National Park covers 53 administrative villages in 12 townships, 19109 households, 7,2074 people, basically formed a settlement pattern of "big scattered, small gathers".

  At present, with the implementation of the ecological management public welfare post system, the community has become the main body of the three Jiangyuan National Park, and the farmers and herdsmen become the most direct stakeholders of ecological protection and the most active protector. After the pilot pilot of the three Jiangyuan National Park, the ecological management public welfare position is set according to the "households" in the park, which is responsible for daily inspections on the wetlands, Heyuan water source, forest land, grassland, and wild animals in the park, and launched laws and regulations. And policy propaganda, discovering reports, and stopping destructive ecological behavior, overseeing the balance of animal husbandry and grassland animals, establishing the ecological protection performance and income hook mechanism of herdsmen.

  At present, a total of 17,211 ecological regulators in the national park have been certified, and the ecological management public welfare post realizes "one house".

  In the past six years, the ecological management apparer has been busy in the forest grassland and wetlands day and night, escorts ecological safety, and their firm figure has become a bright business card for the construction of ecological civilization in the three Jiangyuan National Park. At the same time, Qinghai continuously improve the ecological management public welfare position management to establish an ecological management nurse dynamic information management database, including the identification, management, assessment, training of ecotubes in the park into the database, and initially realize the ecotubject information Management. The public welfare insurance pilot of ecological management, cooperation with China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., donating insurance group personal accident insurance for all ecological management in the park.

  Realizing people and nature harmonious symbiosis, but also dialectically handling the contradiction between ecological protection and green development. To this end, Qinghai took the lead in developing "some opinions on exploring the establishment of three Jiangyuan ecological compensation mechanisms", from 2006, the GDP assessment of the main regions of Sanjiangyuan was eliminated in 2006, which determined 11 ecological compensation policies.

  In today’s Sanjiangyuan National Park, the herdsmen actively participated in the ecological environmental protection, enjoying an ecological anti-feeding "bonus", ecological production life is moving toward a benign circulation, and Jiang Yuan has become a wild animal. (Editor: Yang Wei, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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