Shandong Expressway: The first example of "A shares control H shares" in the domestic highway industry

[] Summit China Securities Network News: On November 10 % Equity acquisition.

Shandong Express Shares included Qilu Expressway into the company’s mergers, which marked the first example of "A-share control H shares" in the domestic highway industry. Qilu Expressway is the Shandong Jiden Expressway Co., Ltd., which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July 2018, and the main business is a highway operation and advertising business.

Qilu Expressway is currently operated in Ji-Ye Expressway (G35 Jikuang Expressway Jinan to Heze), G0321 Germany Express (Liaocheng to Fan County Section), three highways in the Nan Expressway (Lu Yujie), the total management mileage. The above three of Qilu Express are the main artery of Luxi transportation. Jiden Expressway is Jinan to Heze recent passage, and Germany high-speed and Xinnan Expressway are a large channel in Lusi. From the national highway network, Ji-Ye Expressway has only been obvious, the advantages of the Pearl River Delta, the advantages of the traffic location; Germany, the Nanjing Expressway is the hinterland of Luxi, Yu Bei, Communicate in Beijing, Tianjin and Henan Highway inter-channel high channel. The acquisition of Qilu High-speed equity for the Luxi area of ??Shandong Expressway, Luxi region, promoting the development of economic development and industrial adjustment, natural resource development, and feature industry upgrades. Qilu Express 2018-2020 balance rate is%,%,%, and the net profit of the return company is 100 million yuan, billion yuan, billion yuan, and the net cash flow of business activities is 100 million yuan, billion yuan, billion yuan, The overall operation is robust, cash flow, and is incorporated into Shandong Express Shares. The net profit and EPS will be directly thickened, and it helps to increase the ROE level. Qilu Expressway is a Hong Kong listed company. Shandong Express Shares will receive high-quality investment and financing platforms, expand financing channels, reduce financing costs, and successfully realize the complementary and synergistic development of two listed companies, further enhanced capital operations Depth and breadth.

  Overall, Shandong Express Shares acquired Qilu High-speed equity facilitates the improvement of the company’s regional market share, future profitability and cash flow; it is conducive to further consolidation of the only platform status of the company’s operation and integration of high-quality assets in the group; Further consolidate the core advantages of the company’s investment, construction and operation of the company. The success of this acquisition is an important result of accelerating the reform of state-owned enterprises. It is also a great favorable benefit to the Shandong Express Group jointly restructured to the Shandong Expressway, which reflects the determination of major shareholders to do strong listed companies. Investor confidence, establish a healthy and good capital market image. Next, Shandong Express Shares will grasp the opportunity and give full play to the synergistic effect in the field of road and bridge asset business and capital operation, and further build the image of the industry leading company of the main industry and the core competitiveness. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

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