Shaanxi Province Thirteenth Beauty Salon Vocational Skills Competition held in Xi’an Haishu Vocational College

Shaanxi Province Thirteenth Beauty Salon Vocational Skills Competition opened at Xi’an Haishu Vocational College. On November 12, the Shaanxi Provincial Finance and Trade Fair and Light Industry Trade Unions and the Shaanxi Provincial Beauty Sanage Cosmetics Association hosted, Xi’an Haishu Vocational College, Xi’an Haishu Technician College, Xi’an Haishu Vocational College Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, Shaanxi Province, the thirteenth beauty salon Vocational Skills Competition and the 2nd National Beauty and Development Industry Vocational Skills Competition (Shaanxi Region) Selection Competition Opened in Xi’an Haishu Vocational College. The opening ceremony was held at the Academic Report Office of the College. The theme of this competition is "new era, new skills, new dreams." Director of the Shaanxi Vocational Skills Identification and Guidance Center Meng Qingming.

Meng Qingming, director of the Shaanxi Vocational Skill Identification and Guidance Center, first, forever, I wish the Provincial Vocational Skills Appraisal Guidance Center, I wish this contest, I wish the contestants to achieve excellent results.

Meng Qingming emphasizes that beauty salon is a beautiful career, the skills first, beautiful first, everyone participates in such a beautiful career in this great era, I hope everyone will carry out this beautiful career. Kang Xiao Wen, Secretary General of Shaanxi Beauty Salon Cosmetics Industry Association. Kang Xiaowen, secretary-general of Shaanxi Provincial Beauty and Hairdress Cosmetics Industry Association, she welcomed everyone to attend this contest, hoped that all the players were level, and they greeted the performance of Xi’an Haishu Vocational College. Thank you. Xi’an Haishu Technician College Dean Lu Bao welcomed the words.

Xi’an Haishu Technician College Dean Lu Bao welcomed the words.

Luo said that Xi’an Haishu Technician College has always attached importance to students ‘skill training, adheres to cultivating students’ high skills as the core of education, and actively carry out vocational skills education, cultivating professional knowledge and skills. Yang Guofeng, Vice President of Xi’an Haishu Vocational College, delivered words.

Xi’an Haishu Vocational College, Vice President Yang Guofeng on behalf of the college leadership team and teachers and students of the whole hospital enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of all leaders. Yang Guofei mentioned that in recent years, Xi’an Haitang Vocational College has been organized and promoted and promoted the reform of school education through various levels of skill competitions, and strengthened the construction of teachers, improved the strength of schools, and further strengthened the characteristics of school. In the event of the competition, in the competition, learn to join the competition, to promote the competition, in the whole hospital has formed a learning knowledge, practice skills, better atmosphere than the skill. The "Zero Distance" docking of talent training and social needs is to measure the quality of education and the best quality of education and talent training. I hope that all the contestants can be able to play in the competition, and the style of the competition will be in the joint efforts. Under the common efforts of this competition, there is an impact on this contest, high quality, high-level successful event. The billing ceremony site. Zhao Liang, vice chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Finance and Trade and Finance Light Industry, conducted a bill of launching ceremony, and announced the opening ceremony of the Judgment Director, and announced the opening of the 13th Beauty Safari Procurement of Shaanxi Province in 2021. Participation leaders visited the Chinese Medical Beauty Museum.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders of the meeting visited the Chinese Medicine Beauty Museum and the beauty salon competition with the representatives and players of the participating colleges. After 4 hours of fierce competition, the beauty of the group has produced 3 group awards, 3 all-round awards, 9 single prizes; 3 group awards have produced 3 group awards, 3 full-range awards, 6 single prizes; Excellent organization 6 awards.

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