The 16th China International Wine Expo will be held in Zhangzhou on March 25

Original title: The 16th China International Wine Expo will hold this newspaper in Zhangzhou on March 25 (玲 Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Wei Feng) On January 18, the reporter from the 16th session held in Chengdu At the press conference of the China International Wine Expo, the 16th China International Wine Industry Expo hosted by the China Wine Industry Association will be held in Zhangzhou from March 25th to 29th, which is held on March 26th. .

  The theme of this session is "Trunking China · Taste World", using "1 + N" trade model – 1 main venue, is divided into international boutique, China liquor boutique, domestic integrated hall, "all the way" country Hall, alcoholic equipment package, various Chinese wine famous wine exhibition areas, Chinese wine, fruit wine exhibition area, dew wine exhibition area, beer carnival, import wine, international distillation wine exhibition area, national quinishing area, brewing wine wine exhibition area , White Wine Wine Alcohol Exhibition Area, Chinese liquor typical wine exhibition area, Chen-year-old wine exhibition area, alcohol equipment and package area; at the same time, N "The Vehicle Carnival" branch is located in some business districts.

  During the wine fair, China International Wine Industry Development Forum, China’s Old Wine Health Development Forum, Alcohol Marketing Forum, China Wine Quality and Value Forum, the 3rd National Brewing Standardization Technology Commission Rehabilitation Conference and First All Members The event and other activities, and officially released the "China Wine Industry" 14th Five-Year Plan "Development Guidance.

(Editor: Joe Yoqiong, Sun Bo Yang).

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