Thoughts Transformation and Technological Innovation: "Langang New Card Area Integrated Information Management Service Platform" officially enabled

Throughout the 2019 Shanghai, the establishment of the Hong Kong, the Shanghai Safe Trade Zone, is undoubtedly a major event in urban construction, causing multi-party concerns and hot discussion. Undertaken "Creating a more international market influence and the special economic function area" mission of the mission, recently launched a new initiative to reflect the process reconstruction and technology innovation – "integral Information management service platform. According to the overall planning, step-by-step implementation, "platform" is divided into two stages of construction, respectively in the "one network" and "one network system" in terms of innovation practice.

This is the "platform", the focus focus on the current economic development of high frequency, high complexity engineering, the full life cycle declaration, approval and credit management.

In addition to breaking through time and space restrictions, the technological dividend of acceleration is obvious, "Platform" and the past urban community information management platform is the biggest difference in governance ideas. The Denang New Cascade Management Committee used its own authorization, the advantages of the intensity of the rights, and the "department-centric" steering "centered" is "centered." Specific performance: Adopt simple, clear scene guidance quickly to configure the current stage process for enterprises, streamlined complexity, and provide efficient and convenient management guidelines. Users can choose a "one thing" package, you can also separate the project self-help, click, and put it in "Langang Government Shopping Cart". The management committee has a new idea of ??the role of "Golden Store Xiao 2", integrated service and parallel approval, and the language of business process, the business process, and "e-commerce type" e-government Experience.

As the "one network" project, the project is first tried, the platform "provides new ideas to the current urban community governance. This is: Respecting the subjectivity law and rules of new technologies, avoiding the governance structure of existing relative curing The use of new technologies, more emphasis on cultural construction and rights system construction, to achieve "existing connection and communication" communication network. Although the actual effect is still tested, the process of technical lead is re-created Relationship is undoubtedly a trend of future urban governance. After 3 months, the focus comprehensive supervision, risk prevention and control, and "one network system" in the market access are often available.

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