Strengthen biological protection international cooperation to build a beautiful home

The State Council News Office recently published "China’s Biodiversity Protection" White Paper. White paper said that China will always do the maintainers, builders and contributors of everything, and work together with the international community, work together, and open more fair and reasonable, all the best possible global biodiversity governance new processes, realize people A beautiful vision with natural harmonious symbiosis, promoting the construction of human fate communies, and building a better world. Do a good job in biodiversity protection, strengthen international cooperation, work together, help each other, so that people can achieve people with natural friendship, and jointly protect our Earth’s home. Unified ideological understanding, reaching the basic consensus of biodiversity protection.

"The net is expressed, the thousand is all open; Zhen Yong holds, it is self-contained." Thought is the leader of action.

There is only one earth, and human beings are members of Earth Village, protecting biodiversity, is the common responsibility of human society.

Biodiversity makes the earth are full of vitality and the basis of human survival and development.

Protecting biodiversity helps maintain the global homes to promote human sustainable development.

Therefore, all countries in the world must unify ideological understanding, rising the protection of biodiversity to the height of human survival and future generations, truly do their minds and thinking about it, forming the idea of ??protecting biodiversity Consciousness and action consciously. Promote international cooperation and aggregate the power of biodiversity protection.

"Zhong Li and the gains, the group is useful," the diversity of the earth’s organisms "not only manifesse in a national creature, but also the rich colorful people in various countries.

Therefore, protecting biodiversity, not the responsibility of a country, but a common responsibility of the world. All countries must be responsible for the soil, defend the soil, defend the soil responsibility, and we must focus on the protection of national biodiversity, while enhance collaborative awareness, interoperability, mutual assistance, contributing to global diversity, ensuring earth Overall balance of biodiversity. Strengthen responsibility, providing international demonstrations for biodiversity protection. "Big things are difficult to watch", biodiversity protection, and a rich biodiversity rich country shoulder greater responsibility and mission.

Because these countries have more biodiversity, and human financial resources are stronger, whether it is funding, technology or talent, is more power than the general country. As the world’s second largest economy and the world’s largest developing country, China has always advocated the green development concept, and has made a series of fruitful work in protecting biodiversity, achieving the harmonious symbiosis of people and nature, making the world Biodiversity protection provides an example exemplary. Other countries, especially developed countries to enhance responsibility, take the initiative to bear the responsibility of biodiversity protection, and contribute to the construction of the Green Home.

We firmly believe that as long as the international community works in working together, it will be able to make a achievement in biological diversity protection, which can make our earth villages better. (Li Junzhen) (Editor: Musiyu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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