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  Such "smart factory" is a minority of Sichuan vigorously developing "digital economy" promoting industrial digital digitalization. At present, Sichuan focuses on the development of "5G + Industrial Internet" in terms of industrial, promoting traditional manufacturing equipment networking, key process control, building a group of smart workshops, digital factories, intelligent manufacturing services "Cloud Platform". Even the traditional industries "relying on craftsman" are also in digital transformation. Yosha Home is a furniture manufacturer in Deyang City, Sichuan Province. Entering the "5G + Intelligent Custom" workshop of this company, I only see a piece of sheet, slowly slide the production line from the feed port. The production line will automatically identify its "identity information" and corresponding according to the QR code on the sheet. Drawings and intelligent production according to drawings.

  In the process of furniture production, when manual saw, when punched, it is prone to errors, and waste is generated.

Now, the Suba family passes the 5G network, transmitting the live data in real time to the control platform, and can accurately adjust the sized size, aperture depth, slot direction, etc. when the device is machined, and the utilization of the sheet is raised from the past 60% to the present. 98%. "This workshop integrates the production capacity of we have in the past, all board furniture can be produced." Hu Ji Fei, deputy general manager of Subaist Home Executive, said with a wardrobe, from the plate to the wardrobe, production time is shortened from 8 hours To 3 hours, the workshop workers have reduced 70%, and the capacity is doubled. The "Digital Economy" empower "Smart Factory" is huge. According to the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, more than 95% of Sichuan has a number of transformation, but the truly "test water" accounts for about 30%.

In response to this situation, Sichuan departments are taking out targeted initiatives to help more companies put production equipment to intelligently "brain" and enjoy digital dividends. The reporter learned that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is the peak period of Sichuan digital economic investment, Sichuan will build more than 210,000 5G base stations, 400,000 data center cabinets, implement more than 500 digital economic industries and technical transformation projects, accumulated Investing over trillion yuan.

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