Compilation inheritance in the red "family spectrum"

If "four history" is a big learning direction, then the history of hometown is a small "compass". The young cadres of the grassroots are to fully explore the history of their hometown and assume the burden of the hometown of the hometown, inheriting the revolutionary spirit and promoting.

Search for the root of the planer to explore the history of his hometown.

While learning "four history", I must learn about my history. I know who our ancestors is, what is it? Our hometown is from when, what is the heroes in our hometown, their hometown What is the deed? Only how constantly exploring, I know how our hometown, the young cadres should have awareness and responsibility of the history of hometown.

Seeking truth from facts to compile hometown red "family". The compilation of a local history can be more realistic to understand the historical appearance of the time, the spirit, the social style, and understand the production and life situation in that historical background, which is an important carrier to record the entire place.

Therefore, compiling the "ethnic spectrum" must seek truth from facts, can’t be subjective, to actively take the initiative to check the information, visit the inquiry, record the real things, compile, collect it. Concentrate strength to use the red "family spectrum" in the hometown. "Four History" as an important resource we now study, but its compilation and improvement are the hardships of how many people are achieved.

Similarly, the compilation of a hometown red "family spectrum" is not a one-powered matter, nor a person’s thing, but all of us must persist for a long time. For young cadres, the "red" family spectrum is far away. It is necessary to combine young people’s work skills and the elderly’s historical and cultural memory.

(Hu Feifei) (Editor: Musheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia).

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