Country education requires more "burning people"

1 deep excavation "The most northern" regional cultural education "life is the best teacher, it will lead you to the right life journey in unknown.

"Into the teaching building of this school, first introduced the eyes of the eye-catching works, the famous works of the contemporary writers of the wall," Chi Zijian is an outstanding writer from Daxing’an, her work with a rich geographical breath. It is also full of philosophy, giving people inspiration. We excavate such unique cultural resources, play the power of ‘the most northern’ literature, and guide children to learn from the example. Ma Jianguo said. Ice and snow is a gift to the most northern place.

Arctic Village Ice in October in October, half of the year is overwritten by ice and snow.

The school turns "cold" into heat resources, vigorously develops sports sports such as snow football, quick-slip, ice cars, and tug, and students are not afraid of cold, close to nature, and physical fitness has also been greatly improved.

Teachers and students will also promote ice and snow culture by making snowcots, handwritten newspapers.

"The world is in the cold world, education must have temperature." Ma Jianguo has been paying attention to special students in rural areas, and give them warmth in time.

He helped a female student with self-closing to open his heart, re-investment; led the student volunteer service team, to send a student from the small legs muscle atrophy to school; led the teacher to stay overtime, helping the far-sized parent Children, counseling operations … Under the advocacy of Ma Jianguo, the school has also built a "rural boy palace", with chess room, English guides, psychological counseling rooms, etc. Choose to participate. In recent years, the school reputation is getting better and better, and the number of students also rebounded.

As of September this year, the school has increased from more than 120 people from the country to more than 160, but not only the country has no loss, and every year, there are foreign students to go to school.

2 Retreating the teacher is to hold the border education to make Ma Jianguo. This year, the school came to the school’s urgent English teacher – Liu Chang, born in 1998, graduated from the teacher school, graduated from the teacher. Primary school.

"First follow the experienced teacher, sum up experience, reflect, and slowly improve yourself.

Although the conditions here are bitter, as long as they work hard, they can integrate into this black land. "At the beginning of the school, in the face of new two" 95 "young teachers, Ma Jianguo said. In Ma Jianguo, the construction of teachers is the core project in school management. It is the power of deepening education reforms and promotes quality education. In recent years In addition to encouraging teachers to participate in national and provincial, municipal training, the school also takes out part of the funds in each semester, and arranges teachers who have not participated in training to learn from the advanced school.

Ma Jianguo has brought the team to the Tower River, and the school in the Tower River Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-China, and

During the day, they track, live experience in the famous school; at night, they communicate in time.

Drawing on the advanced experience of famous schools, combined with the actual institution, the school has improved the teaching model of "teaching after learning, changing the standard". In the teacher team, the school selection the Chinese and young teachers who have an accident and strong sense of responsibility, establish a teaching group, establish a topic, concentrate on theoretical learning, and carry out the teaching and reform experiment, and complete the stage of the topic in the semester.

This takes this with a point, driving the majority of teachers to try to try in teaching practice, carefully explore. "To make full use of the school’s human, material, financial, and integrating training, teaching and research, teaching, and integrating long-term goals and reality, can improving teaching levels and providing protection for school long development.

Ma Jianguo said. After exploring practice, the school optimizes the classroom structure and improves students’ interest in learning. In the past 8 years, the school entrance examination is ranking in the forefront. Especially in 2021, 12 students in the school graduate, there are 7 students In the name of the district experimental school, you can get the recognition and praise of students and parents. Due to the long-distance, the conditions are hard, and many teachers come to a place.

Many leaders and principals have also wanted to adjust the country to better schools, but he has never shaken. "The children here need me more.

Ma Jianguo said.

3 Rural education requires more "burning people" Ma Jianguo, and when he just took office, the school’s hardware facilities were seriously insufficient.

He wanted to apply for a student funding to build a teaching building, create a laboratory, music room, upgrade multimedia classroom, microcomputer, and teaching instruments, add new books.

Slowly, the face has changed.

North Red Village Primary School from the Arctic Town is a rural teaching point in the school, and the school is more difficult, and teachers are serious. On the other side of Ma Jianguo, he gave resources to the school and often ran in the village of the town.

Initially, the eating water of Beihong Village elementary school became a problem, and tried to drilling several times. In 2014, Ma Jianguo took a drilling team, let everyone have "let go" until the water is out. I have not worried about my heart, and Beihong Village elementary school finally has its own first well.

After the size of the North Red Village Primary School, the campus network was improved, and the multimedia teaching also walked into the classroom. After years of investment, although the country school has improved, it still faces many short boards.

Ma Jianguo said that teachers are still scarce, every teacher must cross-learn technological courses; many teachers are older, information technology teaching equipment will not be used, learning is not good; sports, music and other subjects are more shortage.

"Parents gave the children to us, how can we let them feel cold?" Ma Jianguo said that he will always use his own persistence and strength to help the Northern children "looking for north" I also look forward to more "burning people", devoted, and pay attention to rural education, and illuminate a better future. Original title: "Ma Jianguo: Calls more" burning people ".

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