Hong Kong’s first "25 · 35 Performing Arts Carnival" held Hong Kong citizens to celebrate

In Hong Kong’s first "25 · 35 Performing Arts Carnival", many parents took their children or older parents to watch the performance. The reporter from the Hong Kong Wenhui Porphies is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the 35th anniversary of the Shatian Hall and Tuen Mun Hall. The title of "My home, gathered local performing arts elites, and held the" 25 · 35 Performing Arts Carnival ", inviting the general public to watch various performances for free, and distribute love, hope and laughter to Hong Kong society in this double joy year.

  The first carnival was held in the Tuen Mun Hall yesterday. The fan "stepped forward and interacted, and the lively carnival kicked off. The first "25 · 35 Performing Arts Carnival" in the Tuen Mun Hall, which arranged different performances and experiences in the concert hall, entertainment hall, exhibition hall, and dance room, respectively, suitable for a family to participate together. In the performance hall, citizens can appreciate various emerging art creation performances.

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