Cangzhou Qingxian: Love hut encounters flower -like volunteer services to make moral flowers bloom

In the large collection of civilization practice in Wangshengwun, Malaysia Town, Qingxian, legal service volunteers are explaining legal knowledge to the villagers. Wang Zhanlin was taken by the love hut, and various volunteer services in Qingxian were incorporated into the lives of the people.

"Originally, I planned to catch a big collection to buy some fruits. I didn’t expect to buy things without saying, and I also raised my hair for free. The doctor in the county also gave the disease free of charge. The civilized practice in the village in the month, Liu Meiyun, a villager Liu Meiyun, a villager in Qianlu Zhanzhuang Village, Cao Temple in Cao Temple, Qingxian, couldn’t help himself.

On the day of the civilization practice, the large set of farmers in the village was catching up. In addition to the fresh fruits and vegetables, live poultry eggs, clothing, shoes and hats, etc., in front of the village committee, the big red banner of "Qingxian New Era Civilization Practice Volunteer Service" Very eye -catching. "We provide volunteer services such as free consultations, haircuts, legal consultations, and yellow -handed aids on the big collection.

"Liu Qing, director of the Civilization Creation Office of the Propaganda Department of the Qing County Party Committee, said that moving volunteer service activities to the" field "in the countryside has become a fashion in Qingxian.

"As of March this year, the volunteer service collection has been held 15 games in the form of a township every month, and the service benefits nearly 10,000 people and students." Integrate resources such as the party schools and other units of the county party committee, various voluntary service organizations, and caring stores, in the form of a large collection, sending services, warmth, culture, and health for the masses, and integrating civilized practice voluntary services into the daily life of ordinary people. Essence

In recent years, the county has also made every effort to build a number of real, grounded, "Cultural Campus", "Science and Technology (Popular Science) Agricultural Propaganda", "Propaganda of the Fa", "Promotion of Miao", "Civilized Lecture Hall" The brand projects with qi and people’s intentions have currently carried out more than 1,100 civilized practice volunteer service activities, participating in more than 10,000 volunteers, and benefiting more than 130,000 people. According to reports, Qingxian has established 347 volunteer service teams at all levels.

Among them, the county level has established the five major volunteer service teams of theoretical preaching, health education, cultural literature, culture, science and technology, and civilized new style. The county has reached 10,000 people in Yanzhao Volunteer Service Network.

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