China’s second batch went to the Abievi and Helicopter team all arrived in the mission area

China’s second batch of Abyvi and helicopter teams all arrived in the mission area on the 8th, and began to perform a one-year international peacekeeping task.

The reporter learned from China to Abievi and helicopter detachment on the same day. This peace and helicopter detachment divided two echelons, and 43 officers and men of the first echelon were arrived at the mission area on October 18, and 43 officers and men of the second echelon. 11 On the 8th, the mission area is arrived, and the first echelon will meet.

At this point, the second batch of China went to the Abievi and Helicopter team to arrive in the task area.

Jiang Peng, the second batch of Weeling Helicopter Team Communications, said that the team has been prepared by domestic raising group training and mission district, which has independently implemented flight tasks and works. It is reported that the first echelon arrives in the mission area to perform 14 days of medical isolation, then quickly launched the work, according to the plan to transfer the core tasks, weapons and equipment, material equipment, organizational flight training, team guards, warning defense, battalion, and participate in Business training organized by the United Nations Temporary Safety Force (Lian’an Security Forces). China’s second batch of Abievi and helicopter struggles are mainly graded by a land of China’s 82nd group army, and focus on the mission of troops, search rescue, material transport, air patrols.

The Abiei area is about 10,000 square kilometers, one of the disputes in the Sudan and South Sudan.

In June 2011, the UN Security Council decided to establish a joint Auanquan, which was responsible for monitoring the Sudan and South Sudan from withdrawing from the respective troops.

The term of the United Security forces has been extended.

(Xinhua News Agency, Khartoum, November 8, 2021).