“Watch a play?What’s the show?”Qin Feng looked puzzled,I always feel that Firmino seems to have changed one person from time to time。

“Ha ha,Those two super powers are fighting。Pinch!This will kill a lot of people。Is this big drama very beautiful。”
No matter what Qin Feng’s expression said,Just pulled him into the car。
The latter did not resist,I just don’t understand。Of course he knew that the two major forces that Firmino said were reformers and clergy.。
But aren’t these two organizations helping the Oda family and the Tokugawa family??The two island nations did not pinch,This group of forces went to war first?This is really interesting!
Hills outside the city。
This place is not big or small,It is for guests to play field gun games。But today it has become a battlefield for reformers and clergy。
“amount,Don’t we need to hide?”Qin Feng felt like a little brother when he followed Firmino into the game。
of course,It doesn’t matter,Anyway, he followed。Logically,Those two forces,I don’t remember myself?To know,In the explosion a few days ago,Most of the people who chased him and Chen Feng were killed or injured。The remaining undead are seriously injured。There should be no people chasing him that day。
Otherwise, if it is recognized,It is very likely that the two groups will stop fighting,Instead, I came to trouble Qin Feng。
“Ha ha,What are you afraid of,Do you think we are the only people watching?Many well-informed people know about this。”Firmino said with a smile。
“Then they started fighting because of the Prime Minister?”
“you can say so!”
“Will the winner get the position of prime minister??”Qin Feng asked innocently。
“Of course it’s impossible!They just hold their stomachs these days,So the leader of the team can’t bear it,I just made an appointment。”

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