But now she wants to protect more people,Just like Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan’s burden is very heavy now,Lin Yoona tried to help him bear some。

Lin Yoona has managed the company well these years,Also done a lot of charity,She hopes to help more people,Can reduce the burden on Xiao Fan’s body。
After all, those able to work harder,Xiao Fan is the most powerful man in martial arts in the world,He must protect some weak,He must speak up for the disadvantaged。
Lin Yoona doesn’t ask,But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know,Of course she must learn to help Xiao Fan solve problems.。
Fan Lao went straight back to his villa,After returning to the villa,He didn’t feel any uncomfortable mood,Because the villa is still that villa。
He knew that the children would come back with a smile,Arguing for him to prepare a good dinner,Then look at his Huxin Pavilion,To look at his flower room,To spend the best time in his villa。
Fan is not an unenlightened old man,He doesn’t want to protect his granddaughter in front of his eyes forever,He will let Su Ran go and fight,Do what you want,To choose the one you want。
Shen Lin is Su Ran’s only choice,And Su Ran happened to be Shen Lin’s only choice,The love between these two people made Old Fan feel that even if he did nothing,Su Ran will be well protected。
After the proposal ceremony,After Shen Lin and Su Ran cleaned up,I found a place to sit quietly,Other people’s lives are also at peace,Each is busy with their own things。
Su Ran and Shen Lin sat in the moonlight and didn’t feel cold,Moonlight on them,But I feel warm,Maybe the world is warm when the heart is warm。
Su Ran looked at Shen Lin and said with a smile:“Shen Lin,Thank you so much for making me feel what happiness is,Once I had only grandpa as a relative,What he gave me is my world,Met you later,
Met Brother Fan,Met many friends,I realized that the world is so beautiful。”Shen Lin took her in his arms。
said laughingly:“Fool you are worthy of all the beauty of this world,As long as you have me, you won’t be wronged,You will get the most worthy of you,Maybe now i’m not good enough,But i will try to be better,

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