When Lu Menglin heard this,,My scalp is numb!

There are two in the room behind it, which is enough trouble,Plus a Jiang Jinghong?Four people play mahjong?I’m so sad!
At this moment,Jin Soyan and Su Xuehen can understand,There seems to be something wrong with Lu Menglin’s body,Strong demand in some areas,But it’s best to have a deep relationship with your beloved woman,Otherwise it will be harmful。
The two women looked at each other,Can’t help but give birth to the same mind,The two of them fight with the door closed.,but no matter,Never let Jiang Jinghong pick it up for a cheap price!
then,Kim So Yeon blinked those big beautiful eyes,Leaning most of her body on Lu Menglin’s back,Sweet voice:“Brother Menglin,You said something earlier!I have always missed you!”
Lu Menglin felt the warmth from her back,Then I heard the squeamish voice of my girlfriend,All of a sudden the whole person froze。
Because of the influence of the true dragon energy,His little cock raised a flag on the spot to pay tribute,Touching scene!So Lu Menglin could only bow her body slightly quickly,Immediately lock the heart ape to accept the horse,Otherwise, you’ll almost be embarrassed。
At this moment,Su Xuehen bit her vermilion lip lightly,Boldly step forward,Hugged Lu Menglin’s arm。
The girl’s delicate skin suddenly felt an extremely obvious touch,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but gasp again。
Jiang Jinghong saw this battle,Suddenly squinted his eyes,Sneer,Turn around and leave。
She doesn’t want to compete with these two for Lu.,If you want to grab,She had already started it back then!
Although I am unwilling,But with Jiang Jinghong’s temper,some people,Once missed is missed,Looking back is never her character。
“I am leaving!You play slowly!I wish you all the best,have fun!”Jiang Jinghong left without looking back,Only laughter。

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