Wei Ying:“Azure,We are the second team,Those in the first team,It’s better for you to go,Inquire about related news?”

He Weilan:“What am i going to do,Little raccoon directly charms,Those boys are still obedient,Want me to say,Let the little raccoon perform magic directly,Then they know what color underwear they wear!”
Su Xiaoli:“The other three are easy to say,Even Liu Chuang who looks smoldering,I can do it too,This is Xin Zhao,It’s unknown for what reason,My charm has no effect on him!”
Li Feifei:“impossible,Even Master Yi can be effective,Why is Xin Zhao ineffective?,Xiao Tan, you won’t be tempted by him anymore!”
Su Xiaoli:“This guy is a little handsome,But it’s not my type,Always feel like someone,Do not,Is a male god waiting for me!”
He Weilan:“Are you talking about Monkey King?,I heard that he won the battle of Tianhe,Then get together,I don’t know where to go,I took a look at his photo,Ok,Live male monkey!”
Su Xiaoli:“Where is where,I want to see!”
Li Feifei:“I also saw,I’ll take you there tomorrow morning,I really want to see you and Brother Monkey together,I don’t know if there is reproductive isolation!”
Wei Ying:“I am also looking forward to it,I don’t know it’s a baby monkey,Or a little fox!”
Li Feifei:“In this case,It’s the true version of the so-called I’m going to give you a monkey,Haha!”
Su Xiaoli:“so what,As long as it is true love,No matter what。Besides, didn’t the Great Sage have seventy-two changes!If I find him,Change one day,Do not bring the same!”
He Weilan:“Cough,Xiao Tan’s dream,Very big,Very lifetime!”
Li Feifei:“I am taken,Anyway, the three of us won’t compete with you!”
Wei Ying:“Still talk about why Xin Zhao is immune to your charm,Doesn’t this guy like women?”
Su Xiaoli:“Even if you like men,I can also charm,It’s the kind that doesn’t seem to hit the target at all,Separated by something。”
Li Feifei:“In this case,I can try another way tomorrow,Don’t you find it challenging!”
Su Xiaoli:“That’s right,Very challenging!”
He Weilan:“In addition to Liu Chuang, there are Ge Xiaolun and Liu Chuang,By the way, our company feels that there are more women than men,Not enough points!”
Li Feifei:“You say this,It seems to be too,I heard that after turning on the gene,Our lives can be many times more than ordinary people。”

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