Unexpectedly, Henry’s unique design,But it came in handy today,Arthur can be here“Director Office”Watch the whole yen short war。

Henry took Arthur to“Director Office”Rear,After a few instructions, he retired,Arthur also took this opportunity to observe the situation in the trading floor。
After more than a month of careful preparation,Compared with the time when the Mexican Peso Defense War was held here a month ago,The trading command hall here has been completely changed。
By the way, the scale of the trading floor here is really not small,Over 200 square meters,Although with Goldman Sachs、Lehman Brothers、The magnificent trading floor of Saudi sovereign wealth fund is incomparable,But for a hedge fund,Already at the upper-middle level。
In front of the trading floor is a huge display screen,The partitions on the screen display real-time market trends and transaction data of the world’s major financial markets。
There are ten in a row facing the displayVIPTrading seats,Can provide10Traders issue trading instructions at the same time。
TenVIPBehind the trading seat,There are more than ten rows of monitoring operation seats,Are those tenVIPAuxiliary seats for trading seats,For the front10A trader assistant monitors market conditions,Used for issuing trading instructions。
Today’s trading command hall is brilliantly lit,Crowded,All trading seats and auxiliary seats are fully occupied,And the front rowVIPTrading seats,And even nine middle-aged people in their 50s and 60s。
Since childhood, Arthur followed his father Rubin on Wall Street,Naturally I have seen many world-class investment bosses,He recognized the nine big men sitting in the front row at a glance。
The nine big names are bigger than the other,They are the presidents of the investment department of the five major investment banks on Wall Street.、Quantum Fund Chairman George·Soros、Julian, President of Tiger Fund·Robertson,Bridgewater Fund President Lei·Dario,American Long-Term Capital Management CorporationLTCMMeriweather。
of course,Arthur and Lily’s father—Rubin, president of Morgan Stanley’s investment department, is also among them!
To know,These nine big names have competed one by one,Are hackers who can turn the whole world upside down,Speak without exaggeration,Even Soros can only sit on the far side among them。
Today is destined to be an epic battle in the annals of history,Although there is still half an hour before the agreed attack time,But the nine big guys have already entered a highly tense battle state。
All of them look solemn,The immediate yen short war is deployed nervously as if it is facing a major enemy,Keep directing the troops to do the final preparations before the war,No one dare to be the slightest negligence。
See this scene,Arthur finally believed it completely,Qiao Tianyu’s short yen is not a smoke bomb,This time he really wants to risk the world,I’m going to work with the so-called invincible Japan。
“Haha,Arthur,My trading command hall is pretty good, right??”Just when Arthur watched the trading command hall outside with full attention,I don’t know when a figure has stood behind Arthur。
Arthur was shocked by the figure,Busy looking back,I didn’t expect it to be that Qiao Tianyu!
“Joe.Qiao Tianyu?”Arthur doesn’t know if this is a man or a ghost in front of him,I was so scared that my whole body trembled。
“Rude,Called brother-in-law!”Qiao Tianyu smiled and patted Arthur on the shoulder,Took him to the sofa and sat down。
“If i guess right,It was Qiao Tianyu from Tokyo who encouraged your sister,I sent you to watch this short-selling battle live?”Qiao Tianyu smiled heartily。

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