But this is a coincidence,I let myself meet Lin Yoona。

Have to admit,Even Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan have lost such a big face among themselves,I still have to admit,When I saw Lin Yoona again,,Still deeply confused by her beauty。
People say,The more beautiful the flower, the more poisonous,And also thorny,It seems that this is not false at all,He really didn’t expect Lin Yoona to be such a beautiful woman,I would be able to say such ugly words。
and,Since it is an outsider, I dare to after the auction ends,Make such a speculation about my own home,So you can imagine,How would other people treat their Ouyang family’s perspective on this matter?。
and so,At this moment,Ouyang Jianfeng is more convinced that his judgment is correct,My grandfather and dad are both old,and so,Even the courage became smaller with it,Nowadays,This tone,I can’t bear it anyway。
Ouyang Jianfeng came to Lin Yuner,“Snapped”“Snapped”Both slapped Lin Yoona’s face directly。
Lin Yoona felt her entire face suddenly become hot,Anger:“Ouyang Jianfeng,are you crazy!Why hit me?”
“Why i hit you,You and your shameless husband,Made me lose such a big face in front of everyone,You still asked me why I hit you?Row,I can bear this tone.,You dare to slander our Ouyang family behind your back!I think you are impatient!”Ouyang Jianfeng。
“Ouyang Jianfeng,You are also someone who came out,We got the ring through the normal bidding procedures,Why do you say that we embarrassed you,and also,That crazy woman,Do you listen to what she says?”Lin Yoona yelled unwillingly。
Ouyang Jianfeng sneered,Then continued:“It doesn’t matter,No matter if what the woman said is true or false,Anyway, it’s real that you two embarrassed me,Since it made me ashamed,Then don’t think about staying on this wind chime island in peace!”
Ouyang Jianfeng finished saying this,Immediately stretched out her hand and grabbed Lin Yoona’s neck,And said angrily:“I will let you know today what happened to offending my son Ouyang。”
Lin Yuner was sore as to withdraw her hand from Ouyang Jianfeng’s,But helpless, she is a weak woman,Physical strength cannot be compared with an adult man by any means。
“Ouyang Jianfeng,You let me go,open,Did you hear that?If you don’t let go,I’m about to call someone!”Even though Lin Yuna is scared,,But his face still looks stubborn。
Ouyang Jianfeng stopped,Said coldly to Lin Yoona:“OK,You just shout,Just call,I still don’t believe it,On this wind chime island,Someone would dare to take care of my Ouyang Jianfeng’s nostalgia。”

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