Xiao Fan was taken aback first,Then he smiled:“Of course not afraid,When you didn’t watch me just now,I guess you haven’t noticed the problem with the clothes,I have already dragged you back?”

Xiao Fan’s voice fell,Lin Yoona said silently:“You,Just a bad guy!If I really go out like this,How will you let the whole company look at me from now on!”
Finished,Lin Yoona looked at her clothes very speechlessly again。
Full of folds,I have already made my expensive suit invisible,If you wait a minute, I really go out wearing this suit,Then I want to be in the eyes of all my employees,I’m afraid I won’t be able to see people。
“Do you have spare clothes here?”Xiao Fan asked deliberately and knowingly。
“Of course there is,I’m such a thoughtful person,Why don’t you prepare a few replacement clothes for yourself in the company?!”Lin Yuna said。
“Ha ha ha,Yes!”Xiao Fan finished,I just glanced at the cloakroom next to this lounge。
“You go out first!”Lin Yuner suddenly said to Xiao Fan。
“Go out?Where to go out?Why go out?”Xiao Fan after Lin Yuner’s words,The first reaction is not compliance,Instead, he asked her several questions one after another。
“What do you say!”Lin Yoona was already when Xiao Fan asked questions,I went to the cloakroom and took out a set of clothes,Seeing that Xiao Fan didn’t go out the first time,When I asked so many questions,So I rolled my eyes first,Then shook the suit in his hand at Xiao Fan,Said to Xiao Fan。
The meaning of this is simply obvious,That’s why Lin Yoona is about to change clothes,Miscellaneous people,Which is Xiao Fan,It’s time to avoid。
Xiao Fan was thinking about leaving soon,but,At the moment when he wanted to lift up and leave,But there is a bad thought in my heart。
“Why aren’t you leaving?”Lin Yuner saw that she had already hinted that Xiao Fan had hinted so obvious,Xiao Fan didn’t even turn around to leave,I really don’t understand。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er with a worried look,So he said to Lin Yuner unhurriedly:“no,Yoona,We are husband and wife,You just change your clothes,I don’t understand why I should avoid it!”
“Of course you are.”Lin Yuner was still very confident,But now she unexpectedly found,She can’t say anything else to refute now。

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