“You eat this often at home?”A Bao guessed that he should come in every three to five,Chen Wenjin smiled and shook his head and said:“We have eaten once at home,If you don’t catch a cold, no one suggests to come again,I have been here a few times with my friend。”

Chen Wenjin thought,Actually this friend is still in the future,He is a person who loves funeral cuisine and is particular about。Chen Wenjin’s rough understanding of exquisite foodstuffs,From this future friend。
It’s a pity that Chen Wenjin doesn’t belong to this way,His taste is too strong,If he eats rare fish,Dip with super spicy chili sauce mixed with a strong flavor sauce,That’s a violent thing。His friend asked him to be merciful,Don’t spoil thousands of fish with chili。
Chen Wenjin tasted the original taste very respectfully,The meat is fresh and tender,but——Nothing more,It’s really not his dish。
Later when two people were eating together,Chen Wenjin eats packed rice noodles at the Japanese food store,It’s also because the owner of the store is familiar with his friends that it didn’t explode,But then,It also triggered some short stories。
Chen Wenjin’s thoughts are flying,Thinking about time passing too fast,Not in a restaurant,I haven’t remembered these past events for a long time……Oh,Now for him,Is the future。
Leopard placed an order,With anticipation,See the same food delivered。
“Raw meat?Just eat like this?”As expected, Abao had the same reaction as Chen Wenjin did.。
“My parents eat easily,no pressure,regarding me,Only to try。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t eat it,Because the incidence of parasitic diseases in the country is enough to explain the problem。It’s not that you will be caught,But it is undoubtedly an artificial increase in risk,If you really like cooking, of course you don’t care about this risk,However, his liking for cooking is average,I don’t want to take additional risks.。
“I’m not alone in eating?”Abao feels a little stressed。
“I guessed it when you ordered,You can do it。”Chen Wenjin said,Eating ramen and small octopus。
Abao thought that it is impossible to waste,and,This is his dream for many years,So I took the courage to eat,I found the fishy smell I didn’t think,still alright,So I tried the dipping sauce again,Have a great time,After a round,While drinking,My face is full of joy that my wishes come true,But said:“It turns out that it tastes like this!I’ve been thinking about it for so many years,Not as delicious as previously thought,Can only say it’s not bad。Hey,Octopus is delicious,Save me one。”
Ate cooked octopus,Abao regrets that he should learn Chen Wenjin, just a little different,But spent money,He has to eat tonight,So continue to eat。
“Not in a hurry,Slowly talk and eat。”Chen Wenjin poured sake,Leopard is happy to take a break,Let the stomach digest。
Drinking,Leopard looked at the passers-by outside the glass,Occasionally when the eyes pass by,Whether or not,He thought those eyes were envious,He thinks the mood of passersby is the same as when he passes by this shop again and again,So I said with emotion:“It’s great to have money!Eat what you want,Just play,Don’t envy others,Don’t have to imagine the taste of something you can’t eat。If you have tasted it before,I won’t keep thinking about it。”

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