The Korean kids around were so excited that they clapped and cheered together,this moment,The couple on the dancing machine,In their eyes, they are the king and queen in this game hall!

They will make this beautiful scene,Become a picture in memory,Keep for a long time,Many years later, someone will remember。
Everyone came out from the arcade hall,It’s late at night。
The bustling street in front of you,Has gradually become quieter。
After a night of getting along,In addition to being happy with each other, Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan,I also made acquaintances with a bunch of friends headed by Korean Fatty。
The Korean little fat guy warmly invited the two to have a supper,Lu Menglin, who is already hungry, certainly won’t refuse。
A group of people came to the small shop on the street,The business in this small shop is very hot,The main products are seafood noodles and fried chicken,Every table must order。
When I saw the golden fried chicken with oil,Lu Menglin’s appetite suddenly increased,The first reaction I thought of the popular Korean food beer and fried chicken,That’s a perfect match!
But think again,Not in this era“You from the stars”,This popular match is probably not popular yet!
A large group of people put the two tables together,Everyone huddled together for dinner,It’s so happy。
It seems that Little Fatty is a big benefactor who often entertains guests,The companions who came with him are not polite,Different food。
Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan each ordered a signature seafood noodle,And ordered a fried chicken。
“After eating this meal,We are going to break up。I have borrowed the fare from Little Fatty。”Kim So Yeon said with a sad face。
“Break up?Separate!Your Chinese needs to be improved!”Lu Menglin didn’t seem to care,Smiled。
“Oh!tonight,thank you!I have fun!”Kim So Yeon seems to be back to normal,There is an extra layer of protection in the tone of speech。
“Ok,A thrilling start,Romantic in the middle,Very happy ending。”Lu Menglin said casually。
“I’m hungry!I rarely eat this kind of greasy food before!Eat me!”Kim So Yeon smiled。
then,She picked up a piece of fried chicken in front of Lu Menglin,Another piece,Third piece,I caught myself in a bowl full of。

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