First0275chapter Unruly

“exactly!This is a good way!”Cui Kai nodded vigorously。
“And this trick can also have the effect of knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger,Tell Arrow Sakura,We already know their secret,They will be in chaos,Maybe we can still find a good opportunity then!”
“it is good,Since everyone agrees,Then I will arrange。”After speaking, Qiao Tianyu turned to look at Michelle。
“Michelle,I remember Kyodo, the largest news agency in Japan,There should be shares in the Rothschild family too?”
“amount.”Michelle scratched her head,Means not knowing。
“Should be right,The Rothschild family controls the world’s major news agencies and major media organizations,Kyodo Society,There are also many newspapers and TV stations that are also owned by the Rothschild family。”
After speaking, Qiao Tianyu picked up a letter from the desk and handed it to Michelle,“Let’s come to the bombing site tomorrow!”
“After dawn,You immediately find Jacob with this letter,Let him be sure this morning9:00prior to,Via Japanese radio、TV station、press、Major media such as the World Wide Web,Announcement to the whole of Japan。”
“Tell all Japanese,We will be500The price of an ounce in dollars,High price recovery of various gold products,Then let several banks controlled by the Rothschild family start buying gold,Whatever you can collect in these two days!”
“500Dollar an ounce?”Michelle widened her eyes in surprise。
“Qiao Tianyu,You just suppressed the international fund to300Dollar an ounce,Today you are going to500U.S. dollar price of an ounce of recovered gold,Are you crazy?Moreover,We don’t have that much capital anymore!”
“Haha,Do not worry,A few million dollars is enough。”Qiao Tianyu smiled mysteriously。
“Oh oh,I understand!”Cui Kai suddenly realized,“Tianyu,If i guess right,Buying gold from Japanese people,Actually it’s just a cover for you?Your drunkard is not in the bar?”
“Haha,Know me,Cui Kaiye!”Qiao Tianyu patted Cui Kai on the shoulder with relief。
“By buying gold,Enough to hold Sato Junji,Then it’s time to deal with Lily!”

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