But no matter how much help,It’s also a pill for Daojun,Its value is still a bit worse than the pill that eternal emperors desire。

The puppet of the Lord of the Holy City is indeed enough to exchange for this medicine。
If you exchange this treasure,It’s easy to get two Heavenly Weeping Pills,Xuanxin Dan can be used as a supplement in comparison。
Daojun Da Mo next to him didn’t expect Li Ming to play so big!
“In that case,Can the emperor find a way to let Da Mo and I go to that different universe?,I will personally deal with Dan Venerable。”Li Ming ignored the Da Mo Daojun next to him and winked,Asked directly。
“You have to talk to Venerable Dan。。It’s natural too。”Emperor Jinyu glanced at Damo Daojun,The words make him puzzled:“Although Venerable Dan is expensive to dominate,But the master puppet of the holy city is also very precious。But that different universe,There is one‘Lord of the Destroyer Court’,But not so easy to deal with,If you just plan to trade with Dan Venerable,It’s safer through our Dao League。”
Li Ming pondered。
Speaking of Lord Dan,He just thought of the hapless Sancandi in the different universe and the space fire mine。There is also the Abandoned Fire Taoist who is extremely powerful in refining magic weapons。
seem。。If you use that space humiliation stone mine, you can get a lot of treasures without spending a bit of chaos elixir.。
But then think again,I am not relatives to Venerable Dan,Not the disciple of the kendo master,Where is such a big good thing—It might be terrible to be killed。
For safety reasons,Let Daomeng Immortal Palace come forward。
but,A puppet at the master level of the holy city,Just change the Heavenly Weeping Pill,Change two Xuanxin Pills,But a little lost。
“Emperor—If I give the puppet to the Dao League—Except for a crying pill,Two Xuanxin Pills–Can you help me get another set of magic weapons?!”
“can!What style and type do you want?,Tell me later。”Emperor Jinyu agreed。。。Natal magic weapon,It’s not a great treasure。

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