If you go alone,This ghost woman evil spider should only be able to draw a tie with this forest dragon。

But there are so many red spiders with human heads,They trap the forest dragon here,Judging from the traces of previous fights,The battle lasted for a long time。
The forest dragon is exhausted,Many poisonous injuries appeared on the body,But that ghost woman and evil spider looks powerful,Just look at this form,The forest dragon will be eaten sooner or later。
“Wish teacher,This is the forest fight,We’re here to watch,Wait for them to fight and lose both,It’s not too late for us to do it。”Lu Wenye said。
“I……I will notify others,Let them surround you from different directions,So many disgusting red spiders,Can’t let them run!”Nan Ye can’t stand it anymore,Said to Zhu Minglang。
Finished,Nan Ye turned and left。
Zhu Minglang also agrees with Lu Wenye’s views,Fight between the two,Just wait quietly for the result。
Although they are Xiao Qingzhuo’s mother and brother,But as long as I have witnessed Xiao Qingzhuo struggling to survive,It’s hard to have any mercy on them。
They take the blame。
Xiao Qingzhuo screamed,It looks anxious。
It seems to know that its mother and brother are just ahead。
“You have nothing to do with them anymore。”Zhu Minglang sighed。
“Since you remember the pain,Why are you so cruel now??”Zhu Minglang asked。
“You are you,It is it,I understand your mood。”
Cold-blooded and selfish,That’s its brother。
Even if it’s the dragon cub,Also have very different qualities。
Xiaoqingzhuo is not its brother,Everything my brother did,It just means it is a selfish and cold-blooded dragon,And there is no such thing in Shenmu Qingshenglong bones,How others treat themselves,Others,Do what you should do!

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