This makes him feel a little speechless.。

“Scull,That is said.,I really can’t do anything.!”
Li Hui, who said this, feels a bit wrong.。
But why has been taken by Zhao Xiaoli.。
“Gill it again,The scorpion can still eat you.?
The scorpion is not a mother’s tiger。”
Speech,Zhao Xiaoli is also lying directly,Then head on the window,Looking at the star of the sky。
Seeing Li Hui’s style is sinking,Zhao Xiaoli does not feel the initiation of the jade hand to pull Li speaks to himself.。
Then open a white root arm。
“Come,Pillow on a scorpion arm。”
The command of the order makes Li Xiangfeng feel weird.。
“Scull,This is somewhat bad.?”
“Why is it bad??
Not letting you reach out your arm and pillow on top,You want to be unwilling,The scorpion is on your arm,How about it?”
I heard this,Li Hui is still compromised.。
“Hey-hey,That is still calculated.,I am afraid that I am not honest.。”
“cut,I hope you are not honest.,But you are still too honest.,Honest is not like a young size man。”
Say this,Zhao Xiaoli directly took Li with the wind to herself。
Then look at the starry sky outside the window。
“breeze,look,It’s beautiful in the sky.。”
Li Hui 躺,The pillow is in the white root arm, he also feels sorry.。
Especially the side of Zhao Xiaoli, who is close at hand, is more beautiful in the night.,Your unique smell of smelly,Let him can’t help but look at it.。
“Um,I haven’t seen the sky outside the window.,I have been busy。”
“breeze,You see the two stars are not like a two stars.,Mingming is very close,But the distance between the middle is actually far away.!”
For Zhao Xiaoli, it suddenly moved from the stars to the topic between the two.,Li Hui is also stunned.。
This problem is real, and he has never thought of it.。
One time,He didn’t know how to answer。
“Hey-hey,I look very close.,And are we not very close??”
Zhao Xiaoli heard that Li Hui said so,It is also a little bit a little bit of white root arms.,Then side behind the body,Just then looked quietly with Li Hui’s eyes.。
The night will always enlarge some people in some people’s hearts.,lonely,The same will enlarge some people in my heart.。
Even more bold。
“breeze,Can you tell the truth??”

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