“What is it??”Zhou Ye went to the Ji Xiun,Listen carefully to talk。

Ji Xiu Spring Terminal,Point at your own hand:“Is my hand, I don’t know why I shake.。”
Speech,Her hands trembled and walked.。
The girl around him quickly held her hand on the quilt.:“sister,Don’t move。”
Zhou Jixu opened the case of the season, the top of the season,Point open and test,When you see the blood electrical solution,He hesitated for a while,Then handle the report of the inspection to Ji Xiuchun:“Blood potassium31,Mild low potassium。”
Ji Xiun is not very clear:“Low potassium meaning……Is there a relationship with my hand??”
Zhou Yeny nodded,Explain:“Of course,And very relevant,It is because the potassium from your blood is low.,Come and feet convulsions。”
“Simply low potaemia may usually do not cause hand and foot convulsions,However, low potaemia often combines low magnesia.,When low potaemia combines low magnesia history,Neuromuscular symptoms,Mainly toned、Hand and foot convulsion、The tendon reflectance is most common。”
Zhou Ye is very seriously explained。
Ji Xiu Chun did not understand the location nodded.。
So understand……Still don’t understand??
Zhou Yewu looked at Ji Xiun。
At this time, I only listened to Ji Xiuchun and opening the mouth.:“But I want to go home.。”
Zhou Ye found that the son of the original Spring Festival seems to be not there.。
I asked something to know that her son was originally met.。
That’s it, it is no wonder that the season is going back.……No son is next to you,Husband is not,This is indeed uncomfortable。
“But I asked the medical history.,You seem to have no sister.。”Zhou Ye looks at the girl who has been staring at yourself.,Some curious。
“Is my husband’s sister。”Ji Xi Spring Road。
Qi Xiun has a strong humiliating impression,Her heart is dramatically angina,The eyes are red and ask Zhou Ye:“Can I really go back??”
“can not。”Zhou Ye won the iron。
He and Xu Ruozi,And her sister,It took a good tongue, and finally let Ji Xiuchun temporarily dispense this thought.。
Medical research
NS479chapter Gift(1)
When Xu Ruoying and Zhou Ye have checked to the doctor’s office,Xu Ruo is suddenly different,He looked to Zhou Ye,I have been staring at Zhou Yewu’s face.。
Zhou Ye, I naturally be happy,Face, like a sculpture,Have an angled face,But don’t use this to stare at him.?
“Does my beauty are attractive??Has been handsome??”Zhou Ye has hung,What is wrong with my heart in my heart??
He greets Xu Ruo Bing, like a wolf,Not moving,Not talk,I only feel that my heart jumps acceleration.,Breathing is aggravating,Blood operation is accelerating。
“Teacher Xu……We can’t……”He lost directly。
Xu Ruoi:“You know now let me keep it secret.。”

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