High manager nodded,Don’t worry about him,Finally catch Liao Wenjie。It’s so a pity that you are so handsome.,A lot of rich ladies like Liao Wenjie.,Talking about the contract can improve the success rate。

One more thing,High manager did not say,Last Liao Wenjie was sent to tea by the police station,He guessed that Liao Wenjie has a background,Not average。
This relationship,Must use it well。
High manager as the company’s backbone,Hold some shares,Company has developed,He also earned more。
“correct,Ager,Customer contract in the back seat,You look,So you have been asked today.。”
Car enters the half-mountain villa group,High manager light ripe road,He has a few customers living here.,If you have no visit to the holidays,,Therefore, no stranger。
soon,The two arrive at the destination,Vehicle parking villa garage,High manager and Liao Wenjie under the guidance of a maid,See Mr. Tian。
Tian Weiqiang,Mr. Tian,Triad Group’s Helper,Real estate world。
Time,Tani Group acquired Emperor Tower with $ 246 billion,One time reputation,Fengyun characters in real estate。
High manager,It is a mansion of Tian Weiqiang to redesign the feng shui decoration.,He attaches great importance to this meeting.,After all, it is a new promotion in the real estate industry.,If it is available to this opportunity to reach a long-term relationship,Whether it is to him or the company,All meaning。
This line,He must be。
But one thing makes the high manager have no bottom.,Traded news,Tian Weiqiang before entering the real estate industry,Does business in your hand。
to be honest,Tian Weiqiang is a community big brother,Now washing hands now,Starting a business business。
Not big flying, small doctors,Tian Weiqiang is a smart person,The light lawyer raised more than a dozen。
Liao Wenjie did not know this,He follows the high manager,Four gums of luxury homes,I feel that I have something to do.,Not worthy of billion。
Chapter 25 What is your resentment?
From garage to garden,Go to the luxury door,Leng Wenjie’s eyes,Yes, a hall-like hall。
Though,But just call Baroque in the dome is a truth.,The and style of the large house is limited to tatami and samurai。
On the left and right sides of the wooden ladder on the second floor,Constructed fountain,The goldfish in the pool is around。
Force,Forced lucky koi。
May be a means of rich people,It may also be considered for Feng Shui.,But no matter what kind of,In Liao Wenjie seems to be a bit,Really decorated necessary。
Under the public,Tian Weiqiang stepped on the wooden ladder from the second floor,White shirt white trousers tea glasses,Sell,Is a big boss and ganta。
only,The two younger brother around him are not good.,Not a malicious,But it is natural and a wicked face。
Like a bad guy when you laugh,When you laugh, it is a bad guy.。
If Liao Wenja is open to the door to the door,Will find,And Wu Luo Wei fights in the bathroom,At this moment, I stand at Tian Weiqiang.,Is one of his left and right。
“Mr. Tian,I’m so sorry,Let you wait。”
“where,High manager is very,I don’t know if there is any food.,if there is not,I am now arranged.。”
“Not dare,Mr. Tian’s day,I dare to delay your time。”
“Hahaha,Borrowing high manager,Have money to earn,Everyone makes a fortune together。”
“Mr. Tian praise,I have seen a lot of big bosses,Can Honda, Mr. Tian and good,It’s really less。”
Two people first saw,Old friends like a wide range of years,Talk about very much。
“what,This little brother is?”
Tian Weiqiang said to look at Liao Wenjie,Long so prostled,It’s a little in class with the class.。
“This is my colleague Ajie,young and promising,Now follow me,If you have to don’t have to be alone?。”
“Mr. Tian is good。”
“it is good!”
Tian Weiqiang nodded,Laugh:“Talent,At first glance, people doing,Have you ever thought of hop?,Caidian Group?”

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