When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。

Such a thing,Where should I start?。
Just these,It’s actually a tricky thing。
See these,Now,Wang Teng stepped forward。
“All right,Other things,I won’t talk about it for now。”
“But where do you start,Such a problem,Is indeed the top priority!”
When Wang Teng saw these,Wang Teng said directly。
And the people around,Are looking forward。
obviously,Such a problem,How to deal with it,Wang Teng knows very well。
“Since you don’t believe in evil,,Then you guys,Just come over and try it out。”
Anyway such a thing,By itself,Actually it seems very important。
So next,Where do I need to start。
Just these,In fact, it is very clear。
See here,Wang Teng at this time,In itself,On the contrary, I don’t feel any problems at all。
only,Just look straight into the distance。
Now,Wang Teng felt very funny the more he thought about it。
And looking at it all,Wang Teng at this time,It doesn’t feel much in itself。

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