The boy changed his look,Open your mouth when you meet,Although it’s a very cliche polite remark,But I can’t fault it,One set**Lake feel,Not only is Li Tan surprised,Even Elder Qi next to him opened his eyes wide,Feeling unwell。

Li Tan’s eyes flashed,The powerful spiritual consciousness instantly passed over the bodies of the young man and the elder Qi,Unscrupulous,Obviously looking for the expert from outside the territory,Can be doomed to get nothing。
Elder Qi glared,But the teenager didn’t care,Li Tan has long been replaced with a smiling face,The young boy who had broken the world arched his hands,“The palace owner is promising,It’s not easy to see the last side。”
“Tianzun is polite,Logically,Juniors should visit you,But unfortunately,Emergency,Really neglect。”
“You don’t have to be so polite between you and me。”Li Tan casually hit haha,Again,“How about that friend?Why not show up?Don’t be too rushed last time,Want to regret,Why not go to my place to taste tea,how is it?”
“Still unfortunate,I retreat for it。”
“Oh?Could there be any trouble with that friend??”Li Tan’s eyes widened immediately,The sharp eyes seem to penetrate the body of a teenager,Trying to prove the truth of this sentence。
“Really big/trouble,This bitch can’t go back,Lose your temper with me。”The teenager looked miserable,I said this and pointed my head。
“Can not go back?!What is this?”Li Tan’s eyes widened exaggeratedly,I can’t help but sneer inside,Lied with this trick,Could it be that the outer monster is gone?
“If you can’t go back, you can’t go back.,This time,I’m upset every day,Speak cruelly,If I can’t find my way back these days,It annihilated my soul,Took my body。Don’t worry?”
“Tell me more and listen to the old man,Maybe I can help a little bit。”
“How dare you to trouble Tianzun,But it’s in my head,Makes me sleepless。”
Li Tan sneered again,Little thing bluff,The play is not good,I thought I could see a glimmer of life,But unexpectedly it is still a dead end,Isn’t this extraterritorial monster really gone??
“Isn’t it worthy of you as a friend??How can i treat you like this?”
“Who knows?Go crazy?”

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