“Shouldful,I have been so playing.……Cough……”

Supreme treasure face,Cough, cough,The face is suffocating,I didn’t dare to bite my mouth.,I have to have an qi weakness:“not good,I have a rape gather of Kunlun three blame.,I was seriously injured by them with seven injuries.,A strong internal force cannot be mobilized,It seems that you can’t go to Shaolin.。”
Liao Wenjie is deeply regrettable,I took three times on the shoulders of Zunbao.:“Help with the host,I heard that Shaolin has a big Dan bag to cure all diseases.,Let you take it.,By the way, the head of Dingchun Autumn。”
“This……How is it??”
Extreme treasure surface exposure capacity,Raise your hand and play a song,Let the blind will take the map:“Here is Shaolin……Our position is……There is a temple in twenty miles away.……Get a big Dan,We met in the temple。”
Liao Wenjie took the map flashman,Supreme treasure tears,Liao Wenjie’s figure disappears from the line of sight,A second changing face:“big cow、Opening of the two tigers,Jianghu is in danger.,Let’s go back to Wuyue Mountain to continue to be a mountain thief。”
“No bar,Helper,Say good to the temple??”Blindly asked。
“Say you is a blind man,You are really a blind man,The guy is a bad kind,Isn’t there a new rivers and lake?。”
The direction of Zunbao Liao Wenjie has been more than a middle finger.:“Others can’t see it,This help master can be clear,‘Jade Filator’This kind of outer number is thinking,I want to be a lasm……Pooh,Downstream!”
“Helper,You know.!”
“of course,‘Jade Filator’I have also considered the outside number.,I don’t think I am handsome.,And not euphemism,I will scare the big girl my wife.,Change it to this now。”
Chapter 569 Book administrator is invincible in the world
Qingshan Yixing,Bistro,There is a mountain wind blowing dry gas,There is a mountain stone,Fully visible。
Millennium ancient temple,Shaolin。
Since some people,This ancient temple is in a lot of world,Especially the martial arts world,All played an important role in a class of Taishan Beidou。
People are afraid of famous pigs,Too famous, no good things。
Not only have a young man, Moqu, but,Will Shaolin as a background board for brush,There is also a evil road to the magic tiger,Depending on the stepping stone that dominates martial arts。
Group of wolves around,Heavy surrounding,Face this scene,The abbot’s heart is gradually wide.。
People have to bow on the roof,In the face of this native, like a wolf,Caution is too easy to be enemies,Fundamentally can’t。
Talking about 1,000,The main reason is that this afternoon is not good.。
Not just something abbot,The overall strength of Shaolin Temple is also lacking,In this case, there is a signboard of Wulin Taishan Beidou.,Frequent three days, two are blocked。
this time,Blocked the most fierce。
Claim‘Star old fairy’,There are on the rivers and lakes‘Strange’The wrong name Dingchun Autumn is full of realism,Also aiming at the goal of Shaolin,Call friends,Want to complete the reach of the Buddha,Folding gold diamond for his own martial arts。
There is no martial arts owner on the rivers and lakes.,Whose fist is big,Who is more friends,Who is the martial arts。
Ding Chunqiu’s friends are very few,He was sacrificed by him.,His self-seawood,Relying on the fist,One hand of practice, the people in the rivers and lakes。
The abbot is very helpless.,Shaolin inherits the millennium,After all, it is still tired for the reputation.。He is ignorant, people panic, carrying the figure of the bag running.,Mind a Buddha number,Shi is in the temple.。
行 至,Fangzhi see the empty space of the large house,One light source can’t find,Heart is another buzz。
Feeling,I saw a jealous monk in front of the front house.,Twenty Lang,Qualification is dull,Countless people with intelligence,But the abbol is very impressed by him.,Know that he is a virtual zone。
Not anyone can grow so ugly。
“Bluff,If you can’t think of a virtual character, you will leave you one.。”Disappointment,Foundation feels deep,Pulling the hands of the virtissiles to the Daxiong Temple。
The bluff bitter,Step three times,Hope to hidden in the nest,Calling in the heart,Look at the abbot,He fails to open,Choose it and usually,Do the owner。
One is not very smart,With great flow,Nothing to see the little monk。

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