Chapter 1,528 Invest in an increase

Ye Shuanghuang heard this,Frown:“I don’t feel good.。”
“First of all,You want live in the goods, the thousand yuan of wine,My fan base, you also understand,Tens of thousands,Even those true love powder is also millions。”
“If you are free,That person, a bottle you sent how much you know??”
“Second,It is already full of full-scale use of our current winery.,Unless continued to expand,And continue to expand the size of Lotus Village is not suitable.,Because the greenhouse of lotus village is everywhere,It’s a few places where you can build a plant.。”
“Now vegetable factory,Winery is in Lotus Village,If it is expanded unless a part of the greenhouse,This way, the villagers are definitely dissatisfied,I will also be stressed by my brother.。”
“so,You want to take the goods before,I feel that you should first consider the expansion of the winery.,And how to control costs。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect Ye Shuangshui to understand the lotus village.。
At the same time, I didn’t expect Ye Double Double.。
But these him also considered。
“Winery expansion is inevitable,I am going to build a large winery in Shenjiacun.,This is basically no problem。”
“Now talk about the problem of free test,Not free,Free Test is just no one to send one or two to taste it.。”
“And this two I am preparing to customize a small bottle,It is best to feel high-end atmosphere,Alcohol’s wine。”
“Only taste 100 yuan level,I will try to buy a thousand yuan level.,I don’t know how you feel.?”
Ye Shuanghuang did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually solved her problems in advance.。
And the grasp of the market seems to be much better than before.。
Especially for people’s hearts,It is also different from before.。
Originally she thought that Li Hui is really wanting to send free,Breeding boy。
But now it seems,Li Hui Feng is completely step by step。
“Since you have such a full plan,I feel that I can try it.。”
“Don’t you know that your new winery is also accepted??”
Ye Shuangshuang is also more concerned about this.。
“accept,You invest a billion in Ye Big Brother.,Shares are just like this winery,I invest at least three billion starts。”
“Because this investment is responsible for following Ye Big Brother to promote the road。”
Li Hui Feng’s exit,The face of the leaves is also changed.。
But I saw Li Hui’s smile.,She also recovered quietly。
“it is good,One billion we will quickly give your account top。”
“Not need to urgently,There are still many details, you also need to discuss you.,For example, employee training,And you said before5Smanage,There is even6Ssome type of,These I feel that they have to learn。”
Next,Ye Shuanghuang also said that the actual situation is with Li Hui Feng.。
Whether it is5SManagement or6Smanage,In fact, these workers are not very affected.,But it is very big for the impact of workers who are in motion.。
Most people are simply supporting those guidelines.,It is a little less than practical to practice.。
Ye Shuanghuang also said some management questions and Li Hui Rong.。
Li Hui Feng did not expect to manage a factory, there is so much learning.。
“After the winery of Shenjia Village,Can you manage it alone??”
Li Hui is a little curious to look at the leaves。
He didn’t think about management,But some things he need to control。

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